Gift Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about someone giving you something? If you receive a gift in real life it is almost always a pleasant experience. And what if we dream about getting something as a present? The dreambooks advise paying attention to who the presenter was, what kind of present it was: a small souvenir or a car, for example, your feelings when you received it.

According to the predictions of Women's dreambook, to receive a gift in a dream is a symbol of extraordinary happiness that you will experience soon. If you have your own business, such plot is a sign of successful and profitable deals.

Russian folk dreambook pays attention to your emotions when you received the present. If you are experiencing joy, then this is a symbol of a friendly attitude towards you. If the surprise is not pleasant to you, then the person from the dream treats you with contempt.

For those people who were born in Autumn, seeing presents in a dream means you will have a good time with your friends. If you were born in Spring, you can expect good news from afar.

Some dreambooks think that if you received a present, it is a symbol of a funny entertainment. If you gave someone a gift, you can have a quarrel with this person.

According to Miller, a gift in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. On the one hand, it is a definite symbol of spirit rise and positive emotions. On the other hand, it means success in business, fast approach to your goal, but only if you are on the stage of opening of your own venture or business.

The French dreambook considers dreams about presents a negative sign, especially if the dreamer made a thoughtless impulsive deed recently. If he doesn’t fix the situation that developed because of him, he will soon get the punishment he deserves. If there were a lot of presents in your dream and you have to give all the gift-boxes to someone else, this plot predicts great financial loss. But getting a big number of presents is a dream that predicts amazing events that will be happening to you soon.

Buying gifts in a dream is a symbol of your selflessness, a desire to make everyone feel good and pleased. If you were choosing a present, this image means that you are currently on the crossroads of your life and do not know which path to go. It is very important not to make a mistake now because you will regret it if you make the wrong choice. Looking for a present is a sign of small problems in business that will be solved pretty easy.

If you gave a present to someone you know, you mostly probable have negative attitude to this person in real life and are trying to make amends in your dream like this.

If you received any kind of an expensive present in a dream, this first of all indicates a good attitude of the giver towards you; on the other hand, it can be a symbol of self-interest, flattery and bad thoughts.

If you received a ring as a present in your dream, this is a symbol of your tender feelings towards the giver. If there are current misunderstandings between you two, you should better talk and solve the issue.

If a young single man sees a dream about receiving a gold ring as a gift, this means he will meet his second half very soon and the wedding will come fast because of the burst of feelings.

If a married woman got a ring with red stone as a present, she can be caught at adultery. There will be a seducer whom she will not be able to resist in real life.

A gold chain as a gift in a dream is a very positive sign. If it was seen by a young woman who just started new relations, it is a symbol of sincerity, purity of feelings of the beloved person, the sign of his selfless devotion.

If you give somebody a bracelet as a gift, this is a symbol that you want to subdue this person completely, make him do what you want. If such gift could not be handed in a dream, or it torn on the hand of a person, then all efforts will be in vain – the person is too willful to obey anyone.

Earrings as a gift are quite a negative sign. All your protectors will turn away from you and it will be very hard for you if you don’t learn to live without help of others. If the young girl receives gold earrings, this means that her partner has false goals and his thoughts are not pure.

If you are a businessman and received watch as a present in a dream, this symbol promises prosperity and financial stability for your business. Receiving wrist watch predicts useful business acquaintance and some daily routine.

If you received a car as a present, this can either mean very good attitude of authoritative people or that you are being used in somebody’s fraud. If a young woman received a car as a gift this means she has a secret admirer who is ready to spend all his money in order to attract her attention.

A dress as a gift predicts a number of happy and joyful days. Receiving a nicely decorated hair brush means you will soon have all the love and attention of your family.

If an unmarried woman received flowers, she will soon get marriage proposal. The same plot means high interest of the spouse and wish to support, if seen by a married person.

Receiving stuffed toys as a gift in a dream represent harmony in the couple. Receiving a doll has a little big negative meaning: you often remember your childhood, wish to return in it and it is sometimes hard for you to deal with reality.

If you received a dog as a present in a dream, it is a good sign. You will use sudden help of your friend in the problem that worried you for a long time. A book as a gift predicts good news from people you care about.

To get money as a gift in a dream predicts about future financial difficulties, because of which you have to get into a loan. Receiving bag as a present means your wishes will come true. Such plot can also predict a trip that will bring a number of positive emotions. Receiving a telephone in a dream predicts getting news from far away. Good and long-awaited news from afar can be expected if you received perfume as a present. If you felt the smell of perfume and liked it, someone will soon confess of his love to you.

Receiving red roses promises high self-esteem and a number of compliments from the opposite sex.

If the surprise was made by your second half in a dream, this is a sign that he is thinking about marriage. A gift from a deceased is a symbol of changes in all the spheres of your life. If the deceased relative gave you money in a dream, you should be careful with your investments. If he gave you a present in a very unexpected place, this dream is a promise of great luck sent from above.

Sergii Haranenko
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