Pine Dream Meaning

Dreams with a pine-tree are usually associated with family happiness, income, favorable time for money wasting. Besides that in some cases this image can be a warning about loss and vain efforts of the dreamer.

A dream about walking in a pinery among big beautiful trees is a sign of thoughtful investment will bring a very good profit. The sign is especially favorable when the whole family was having a walk among the pine-trees; this is a promise of peaceful and comfortable life.

Seeing one big pinecone on a tree means happiness and stable income. The dreamer can also occupy high position soon. Seeing high pines in snow is a symbol of sudden enrichment. You should not refuse from coming offers.

A dream about many pinecones on a tree will promise the dreamers love adventure that will bring him a lot of joy and pleasure. There is high possibility that friendly relations will transform into love ones. If a young girl sees pine-trees in her dream, she can be expecting the improvement of relations with her partner.

A green pine is a symbol of success in love. Planting a pine-tree means that the dreamer has a lot of faithful friends he can rely on. Buying a New Year fir or pine-tree predicts growth of family happiness. Decorating a New Year tree is a promise of important and joyful events.

A dream about a fallen pine predicts loss in financial sphere. Picking-up fir-needles in a dream is a symbol of useless efforts and working in vain with no result. A single pine-tree growing in the middle of the park warns you about a number of small troubles and problems. Pine resin warns you against your foes’ intrigues.

A burning pine in a dream is a sign recommending you to hold your negative emotions because anger and rage can bring damage. If you bought a New Year tree among many others that were sold, this plot can tell about a number of your unfinished tasks; you should take care of them as soon as possible.

Feeling the smell of the pine in a dream is a warning about health problems; you should take a special care of your upper airway. Dried out pine branches in a dream is a warning about loss that will bring you a lot of worries. You should pay more time to your family. Pine branches can also predict visiting funeral.

According to Chinese dreambook, a pine that suddenly grew in the middle of your dwelling is a very positive sign predicting welfare and changes for the better.

Sergii Haranenko
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