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Cow Shit Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about cow shit you can expect a very pleasant surprise or money. But the same plot may have quite an opposite meaning depending on the dream details. According to Miller, cow shit in a dream is a promise of prosperity and welfare. This dream plot is especially favorable for farmers, businessmen and those who are in love. The farmers will have generous crops, businessmen will get great profit, lovers will get happily married. In general cow shit is a symbol of incredible luck and happy circumstances. Fresh shit promises a happy marriage or lottery winning. Besides that cow shit can be interpreted as a promise of interesting travel or peaceful rest.

If you happened to see a dunghill in your dream you will definitely achieve your goal, get happiness and prosperity, will have decent position and general well-being. Another interpretation of a dream about cow shit is that you need to “fertilize” your life a little bit. Maybe you need a change of scenery, new impressions, or some knowledge that will be useful for accelerated spiritual growth. The same symbol reminds of the cyclical nature of being and the need to use everything that you have at the moment.

If you dream about cow piles on the ground, the dreambooks predict taking part in not a very pleasant but profitable business. It is a good dream symbol if you see the ground fertilized with manure – you will have incredible success in business. If you were fertilizing the ground by yourself you will be rewarded for your work. But if you got bogged down in manure, this dream is a warning about big problems or even danger.

A dream about cowshed full of shit promises a happy marriage or well-paid job position. It is a bad sign if you found manure in your own house. It is a symbol of troubles, lack of money or serious illness. If you stepped into fresh cow shit you will get a chance to earn money. A dream about birds delving in manure prepares you for humiliation, insult and betrayal. But if these were home hens, there is a chance you will get inheritance.

    The details of the unpleasant night plot can help you get better interpretation:
  • Rummaging in shit – a sudden but big profit;
  • Throwing around – useless efforts;
  • Digging it – successful beginning;
  • Buying shit – valuable purchase;
  • Selling it – little money;
  • Plunge into it – arguing, quarrel;
  • Falling into it for ill people – recovery;
  • Sitting in shit – problems.

If you felt awful smell of cow shit in your dream this image predicts big problems at work and at home. Bad smelling piles were lying in a wrong place – you will have a negative period with financial problems and other obstacles.

Sergii Haranenko

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