Buying Household Items And Animals Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of buying something in a dream? If you happened to buy a door in your dream, this symbolic plot means that all the doors will be opened in front of you. New furniture purchase is a symbol of your desire for stability.

If you bought a mirror in a dream, this is a symbol of disappointment in some person or a present, for example.

A chair and a table buying is a sign warning that you will not be able to do what you promised. A bed or sofa purchase in a dream is a sign of changing your family status. If you happened to buy a carpet in a dream, this is a promise of big profit.

If you were going to buy any kind of dishes in your dream (plates, cups, knives, forks or spoons), this is a sign that you need to rest and maybe to eat. Buying towels in a dream is also a sign of rest required.

If you were buying a blanket, a cover or curtains in a dream, such plot means you often have to lie in self defense. Buying a pillow is a symbol of health problems. Buying bed linen in a dream is interpreted literally – such plot predicts a romantic date.

Purchase of clothes for children, toys, baby carriage or pregnancy test is a sign predicting having a baby soon.

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When a grown-up person bought himself a doll in a dream, this means he should revise his priorities.

Usually people who need to lessen their level of stress buy cigarettes in a dream.

If you buy medicine, fabric or thread in a dream, there is reason to worry about your health.

Buying a telephone in a dream is a sign that to wish to change your lifestyle to more active one.

When purchasing a wall clock or wrist watch in a dream, you should know that time works for you.

Books, notebooks and pens bought in a dream remind about the value of your thoughts and feelings.

Buying a suitcase, wallet or bag from a store is a sign that the dreamer likes to have a leading position in life.

Flowers’ purchase in a dream predicts a number of interesting events.

Buying perfume and cosmetics, whether it is nail polish or lipstick, promises respect and admiration.

A toothbrush, soap and hair brush is bought in a dream as a precursor of big changes.

Buying glasses, belt and umbrella reflect a feeling of confidence and security.

Choosing a dog or puppy in a dream reflects the ineffectiveness of dreamer’s searching in real life.

Buying a chicken or aquarium fish reminds you to think about the future.

Sergii Haranenko

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