Smell Dream Meaning

Smells dream symbolism

Smells are closely tied to memory. Dreaming of a particular smell may evoke memories or emotions associated with that smell. It could be a reflection of nostalgia or a longing for the past.

Smells can be associated with emotions. For example, pleasant smells might represent positive emotions like joy, love, or contentment, while foul odors could symbolize negative emotions such as fear, disgust, or discomfort.

In some cases, a bad or unusual smell in a dream may serve as a warning or alert from your subconscious. It could be your mind's way of drawing your attention to a problem or a situation that needs addressing.

Sometimes, a particular smell in a dream may be associated with a specific person or place. This could signify your feelings or thoughts about that person or location.

Smells in dreams may carry symbolic meanings. For instance, the smell of flowers might symbolize beauty and happiness, while the smell of decay could symbolize the end of something or a need for transformation.

Dreams aim to recreate sensory experiences, and smells are one of our senses. In some cases, the smells in a dream may simply be a reflection of your sensory experiences from daily life.

Some people believe that dreaming of pleasant or refreshing smells can symbolize healing or cleansing, both physically and emotionally. It might indicate a need for renewal or purification in your life.

Your cultural background and personal experiences can heavily influence the meaning of smells in dreams. For example, certain scents may have specific cultural or personal significance.

Smells in dreams meaning

No one will be surprised at the meaning of divine fragrances in a dream - only positive events lie ahead. However, according to the dream books, the more the smell in a dream is alarming, the more dangerous is the expected development of events.

In a dream, to be in the atmosphere of sweet aromas or to feel the smell of a baby, promises a pleasant surprise and entertainment to a woman, and promises a rich carefree life to a man in which all worries, including material ones, will be taken care of. Unpleasant fumes prophesy dishonesty of assistants and squabbles.

The world of smells personifies the emotional essence of a person and how it influences his fate. To feel the fragrance of flowers is one of the most romantic dreams. A dream of sniffing flowers is a promise of carefree joy.

The scent of jasmine and bergamot, according to the interpretation of the dreambook of the New Era, reflects the emotional tension; rose and nutmeg – mean purity, liberation from falsehood. Conifer and sandalwood are talking about sensuality, and mint and lavender - about the fullness of energy.

To use toilet water with rose oil - means caring of a strong, reliable person. Interpretation of a dream about enjoying the fragrance of spicy oriental perfume: this is the forerunner of a fascinating meeting with an interesting fan, receiving a charming compliment. Cologne with notes of musk can predict migraine.

For a woman to see a guy in a dream and feel the light scent of his body - to become closely acquainted with him; male perfume - to passionate embraces. If the smell of cheap tobacco comes from a man, this means a quarrel; smell of cigarettes — he excites passion in a woman; of good alcohol — an admirer will take unambiguous, persistent courtship steps; smell of vodka from his mouth — beware of his perfidy and empty promises.

Obviously feeling the "smell of money" coming from the man - in reality nothing will stop the dreamer in the realization of his desires. The sharper the smell is, the closer the predicted event.

To feel enveloped in the flavors of kitchen in a dream means you will manage to make a bargain, and good health will contribute to your financial prosperity.

To feel the taste and tantalizing smell of coffee predicts the emergence of an interesting creative or business project. According to the Gypsy dreambook, this foreshadows a long life. To inhale steam coming from hot baking - to obtain material support from parents, if vanilla notes prevailed - to good news.

Enjoying in a dream a pleasantly smelling meat dish - a warning of danger, food from fish - to irresistible shopping. If you dreamed about how it stinks with rotten unpleasant food - to dirty gossip and poor health.

Some smells, foreshadowing the danger in reality, in a dream predict unpleasant events. What it means, walking through the woods, to feel the smell of burning? One should remember about the dearest person - it is he who will disappoint you, show himself from the wrong side. According to the dreambooks, a cloud of smoke symbolizes an approaching unkind event.

To feel the presence of a gas leak in a dream - a sure sign of the dreamer's injustice to his close friends – it is likely that he will have to repent of his cruelty. Perhaps because of a quarrel, some of your friends will suffer misfortune.

If a dreadful smell comes from the mouth of the dreamer or has an unpleasant smell of sweat, the dream books predict that in real life he will get involved in a dubious story that will ruin his reputation and end his career.

The feeling that a sewage vapor was felt in a dream warns of the need to be choosy in choosing a circle of contacts. What is meaning of dreaming about urine stinks? The dreamer will be in the bad company of people living under the laws of meanness.

Stinking feces, according to Grishina’s dreambook, prophesies a disease. If you dreamed that the smell of feces is not so disgusting, you can hope for wealth, but if a lot of shit causes nausea - colleagues and partners will fool the dreamer so much that he will have to save money on everything for a long time.

To see the body of a dead person in a dream and to feel the characteristic corpse smell of death - to exposure of dark deeds. If you felt the smell of blood on the dead - a sign that the worst forebodings will come true.

Why dream of seeing a decaying corpse without the smell of carrion? This promises great luck, sudden enrichment.

Smell is one of the human senses. A person may be deprived of the ability to hear or see, but he cannot lose the ability to distinguish smells. (P.S. this fact was true before Covid-19 pandemic; but the smell gets back in people who got Coronavirus). If your dream is associated with aromatherapy, this means you appreciate your gift of smell and tune in to the smells and aromas that are part of our lives.

Aromatherapy treatments in a dream mean the desire to be close to nature or the desire to develop one's sense of smell in order to become healthier.

Sergii Haranenko
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