Crematorium Dream Meaning

Why do you dream a house of sorrow with a device for burning bodies? This image in a dream is initially considered negative and only promises problems. But the competent interpretation that the dream book offers will help cope with them. The crematorium, for example, appears in dreams before the final breakdown of some relationship or warns that it is time to come up with an “alibi”.

What is the crematorium dream meaning? Most often, it acts as a symbol of total destruction and fundamental changes. Perhaps in reality nothing of the kind will happen, but deep in your soul you clearly understand this.

Another meaning of such a dream is the loss of vital energy or its expenditure as a result of uncontrolled aggression, as well as rash actions that entail fatal consequences.

    However, the dream book insists: you need to remember who exactly was cremated in night vision.
  • Someone close to you – means longing, a long illness of this person.
  • An acquaintance of yours was cremated – means failure of a planned business.
  • Cremating a colleague – business difficulties.
  • Enemy was cremated – respect of other people in your surrounding or your boss.
  • Stranger cremated in a dream – means unexpected joy.

Did you dream that you were burning in the crematorium fire? This means you will catch a bad cold or experience doubts about the adequacy of your actions. But if you managed to get out of the furnace unscathed, then in a dream you literally cleared and were reborn.

If you dreamed of a crematorium, then the dream book is sure that the time has come to clear oneself of harmful passions, bad habits, unworthy thoughts or feelings of guilt.

In some cases, the image of crematorium in a dream alludes to intense passion or anger. Sometimes it speaks bluntly: only those knowledge will give strength and wisdom, which were obtained from your bitter experience.

What is the other spiritual meaning of crematorium in a dream? This is a harbinger of quick success, which will not bring benefits and almost instantly come to naught.

The Dream Interpretation warns: money will instantly “leak through your fingers”, a relationship will soon go wrong, peace of mind and satisfaction will also disappear.

Sometimes you can see a crematorium in a dream before a very valuable acquisition, and not only of a material nature. It is possible that you will experience such great joy that it will practically “tear” your heart. The result of such violent emotions will be sharp deterioration in health.

The crematorium in a dream often reflects the internal state of the person. If sparks flew from the incinerator and the flame smoked, this means your own negative feelings will cause losses and conflicts.

Once in the crematorium, did you feel a fit of crazy panic? The dream interpretation suspects that in the real world you are desperately afraid of something. But most likely, your concern is not justified.

In a night adventure did you have to burn someone in a crematorium according to his will? In real life you will fulfill all your promises, even if it seems impossible.

If you dreamed that you asked yourself to be cremated you after death? Use extreme caution in money and paperwork.

According to Miller, the crematorium, which appeared in a dream, predicts that competitors will try to disturb you. The outcome of events depends on what else happened.

Why dream that they burned someone else? Victory will definitely remain with you. Did you find yourself on a funeral pyre in a dream? You will be defeated, especially if you succumb to panic and lose your sanity.

Sergii Haranenko
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