Detergent Dream Meaning

Did you happen to see laundry detergent in a dream? Probably in reality you have conceived a grandiose wash. Another popular interpretation of the dream book says that this image is a reflection of hard work. Why else does one dream of such a banal thing at first glance?

The dream book recommends starting interpretation of a dream with a general interpretation, without reference to specific events. Detergent in a dream means that the best moment has come for a change in worldview and the usual attitude to yourself. In essence, this is a call for cleansing from unnecessary fears, past grievances, attachments.

But before opening up to the world and showing your new self, the dream book strongly recommends an internal “spring cleaning”.

What else does the laundry detergent symbolize in a dream? This is an eloquent warning of a new fateful turn on the path of life.

Did you have a dream that you used an effective detergent? You have to free yourself from your own past and you will do it successfully.

Seeing how a woman washes with detergent – this means purchase of an expensive item, if it was a man – this is a sign of an unpleasant conversation.

Mr. Miller's dream book is fully confident that the laundry detergent in a dream marks the beginning of a difficult internal struggle and long thought.

Why do you dream about buying detergent? Dream Interpretation thinks that people “washed your bones” (gossip) behind your back, but perhaps not without reason.

If you happen to buy a detergent, then in reality you will lose something or you will easily fall ill.

    For a more complete decryption, the dream book advises you to remember more precisely which detergent you happened to buy:
  • For white linen – predicts great news.
  • For black linen – a sign of unpleasant news.
  • For colorful lines – to unexpected prospects.
  • For hand wash – means treason and discomfort on the personal front.
  • For washing machine – predicts changes in place and circumstances.
  • Very cheap detergent – means guaranteed failure.
  • Too expensive detergent – a symbol of complete success in everything.
  • Usual detergent – brings household chores.

If you had a dream about laundry detergent, you should get ready for a big scandal that will significantly damage your reputation. What else does this item mean in a dream? Seeing it is a sign of dirty conflict, and you will be drawn into it against your will.

Washing your own underwear with detergent – predicts a serious and protracted illness.

What else could laundry detergent symbolize in a dream? Feeling in a dream its pleasant aroma means that in real life a period of financial and general well-being is coming.

If a businessman had a similar vision in a dream, then the deal will be successful. If a housewife saw it, this means she will finally deal with affairs. For everyone else, this is a sign of revealing a secret or deception.

If you used the detergent for hand wash, this means you will have to deal without outside help solving the current problem. If the washing machine was doing it for you, the dream Interpretation is sure that you need urgent help. If in a dream you acted in some completely unusual way, then expect a surprise.

Sergii Haranenko
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