Dirty Clothes Dream Meaning

Most often, a dream about wearing dirty clothes means success, a good profit, wealth. But sometimes dreambooks warn of vain risks and loss of reputation in pursuit of big money. What dreams about wearing, taking off or washing rags mean can be determined by your feelings in a dream.

A well-known psychologist Miller recommends to beware of ill-considered actions that can lead to a collapse if you have dreamed of old dirty clothes on your own body, or on someone close to you. On the contrary, washing and ironing clothes is considered a very good sign.

    Miller also gives interpretation of the dream depending on how old dirty clothes were seen:
  • stained clothes on your husband - deception, treason;
  • dirty clothes on parents - gossip, envy from friends;
  • clothes with dirt on a stranger - risky adventures;
  • dirty clothes in the closet - a sudden illness.

To see yourself in untidy underwear predicts to shame and disgrace. The dream means the beginning of a not very good life line. Try to avoid dubious offers, so as not to be considered a deceiver and dishonest person. It is even worse if you dreamed that you could not take off old, dirty clothes.

It is also a bad sign to see old or stained clothes on your husband. You should be ready for a series of deceits, unexpected dirty tricks from your beloved. Modern dreambooks recommend paying more attention to your spouse and children, always listening with understanding, helping so that family and friends do not fall victim to anyone's intentional wiles.

Nostradamus gives explanations of dreams about repairing, washing and ironing clothes. The dream guarantees the emergence of a second breath and new opportunities to promote your own projects.

It is a good sign if you dreamed of taking care of clothes right in the bath tub. To see yourself already in a clean robe in a dream is a symbol of overcoming difficulties in a short period of time.

The interpretation of a dream when you washed your clothes in the bathtub tells not only about solving financial problems, but misunderstandings in the family and recovery from illness as well.

Dirty clothes in a dream is a warning that you may become a victim of scams and dishonest people. Be careful when making purchases, entering into contracts, oral transactions. Chances of deception are great if you have dreamed of a greasy shirt on a stranger that caused sickness.

The stains on a suit in a dream symbolize the same stained reputation of new partners.

Sergii Haranenko
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