Wet Clothes Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about wet clothes, this is a symbol that you feel very uncomfortable in society. You have remorse for the deeds you can not admit publically. But if you was wet clothes on another person or in a basin, for example, the dream will have quite another meaning.

According to Miller, a symbol of wet clothes in a dream is a sign of your wish to change lifestyle and circle of friends. It is quite possible that your surrounding knows some unpleasant truth about you.

If someone close to you asked you to help take off wet clothes, this means that this person trusts only you and he will have a need to ask for your help and share his problems with you soon.

Seeing yourself wearing wet clothes in a dream in interpreted in various ways by different dreambooks. For example, the Italian dreambook thinks that wearing wet underwear is a sign of coming serious illness. According to Chinese interpreters, wet clothes in a dream is a sign that you will do something that will turn people away from you and your relations will be spoiled for a long time. Gypsy’s dreambook states that you should not take all your troubles and problems too close; everything can be fixed, if you want.

If you saw your friend in completely wet clothes, this is a sign that you will have to deal with his problems. If the person was unknown to you, this is a hint that you shouldn’t interfere where you are not asked to since this can result in problems. A deceased man wearing wet clothes predicts sorrows and tears.

If the clothes seen in a dream were bright or white, this means you will not be related to problems of the one who will be asking for your help. If the clothes were dark or red, you should be ready for problems.

    You should also take into consideration what kind of clothes you saw in a dream:
  • A dress or suit – problems at work;
  • Home apparel – your family will cause some problems;
  • Sport suit – your friends will make you “sweat”;
  • A fur coat or coat – you feel unprotected.

A dream about wet clothes in a washing machine or bathtub or basin has absolutely different meaning. This symbol represents a chance to fix your mistakes. If you were hanging wet clothes dry or were ironing wet clothes, this dream means you should listen to advice of more experienced people, it will be quite useful.

Sergii Haranenko
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