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Interpretation of a dream about eating mushrooms

    Eating mushrooms in a dream is a symbol of a happy marriage and a full life, dream books predict. But one should also remember that the plot details also play important role in dream interpretation.
  • Cooking them for dinner - health and longevity.
  • Toasting toadstools or amanitas - you chat a lot too much.
  • Eating raw mushrooms - unexpectedly interesting relationships.
  • Treat someone with mushrooms - love adventures.
  • For a woman who dreams of posterity, an image of trying mushroom pies predicts pregnancy.

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As for Miller’s dreambook, it says that eating mushrooms in a dream represents love you will be ashamed of.

Making a salad from pickled mushrooms in a dream is a symbol of big money. Eating potatoes with mushrooms predicts a rich table for the dreamer, and if this is a farmer’s dream, he can expect a good harvest.

Picking up wormy mushrooms or eating them greedily is a forerunner of bankruptcy or the appearance of a deceitful friend in your life.

Ordering vodka and pickled ceps at a restaurant is a symbol of joyful time spending, the Eastern dreambook thinks. If you liked the mushrooms, you will have a good time. If one of them turned to be too salty, you should be expecting consequences of your partying.

Eating fried ceps at the restaurant means you are very often right, but there is no need to show it and prove to others all the time.

Eating raw mushrooms in a dream means that soon there will be a person in your life who will be able to inspire you to great deeds for the sake of love. But if you happened to eat raw toadstools or amanitas - the new relationship will only seem perfect, being, in fact, only an illusion of happiness.

If you dreamed that you see yourself greedily slurping mushroom soup this means a happy marriage for a man and to love joys for a woman. Choking on mushroom soup - your lover stands "across your throat".