What dreams predict pregnancy?

Dreams meaning pregnancy are usually related with water elements and interaction with small children or animals cubs. Dreams promising easy pregnancy are filled with bright pleasant sensations; those warning about a difficult pregnancy are full of disturbing and disgusting images.

What are the signs in dreams that you are pregnant? Thanks to our dreams we can get a lot of information about future important moments of our lives. The woman’s wish to become a mother are so natural, that all the signs about this coming event sent to her by her unconscious are usually interpreted by her correctly. A lot of women can find it useful to know which are the dreams that predict pregnancy.

Does seeing fish in a dream always mean I got pregnant?

Dreaming of fish meaning pregnancy, is that really so? Fish is considered the most classical symbol foreshadowing the future pregnancy. A lot of women find out that they are pregnant after seeing a dream about fish. But it is not always necessary that any fish seen in a dream is telling you that you are pregnant. A dream about fish can symbolize big profit, new important acquaintance, new love; it can also reveal your secret enemies and warn you from temptations and intrigues.

Besides the other known interpretations of fish symbol, there are some definite night plots telling a woman about pregnancy. If the dreamer was watching fish swimming in clear water, this is the most common sigh to find out about pregnancy. This image is usually telling the woman that she is already pregnant. Besides that the same interpretation can be chosen for such interesting plots as talking to fish, smiling at her, and showing her tongue.

Catching fish in clear water is also a precursor of impregnation. This image can also show a number of children you will have. Very often women who are carrying twins see dreams about catching fish in clean water. If a woman caught fish with her hands from the water, but it slipped out back to the water, this dream means she will have miscarriage or compelled abortion.

Buying fish in a dream can also be a sign of future pregnancy. If you remember who the seller was, a man or a woman, this can tell you the sex of your future baby. When buying fresh (alive) fish in your dream, you should pay attention to its sort. Carp, crucian and tench predict a boy; pike, catfish or high water fish predict a girl.

Sometimes it is not the mother-to-be who sees a dream about fish before pregnancy or indicating it. Other members of her family can have such dreams as well; usually women: mother, sister, even a close friend. The dream plot itself usually gives a hint who will be pregnant in real life.

Fried fish can sometimes also tell you about pregnancy; but only in case you or your partner was eating it in a dream and it was fresh and tasty. Future fathers can also see dreams containing fish before the spouse’s pregnancy. If a man sees himself fishing in a dream and has a very rich catch or sees a pond full or fish, this is a symbol that he will become a father soon.

Water elements that may promise pregnancy in dreams.

What are the other dreams that tell you you're pregnant? Other different (but not prevalent) dreams beside fish can also tell the dreamer about future or existing pregnancy. Water is an excellent sign that personifies life, naturalness, a cradle, motherhood. Transparent water, through which you can see the bottom of the reservoir and even see its inhabitants, is a sign of the desired pregnancy.

Besides that, wading through the clear river or washing up with clean water is also interpreted as the birth of new live.

Sometimes the future father can see dreams about water – a clean pond, sea, lake, as well as an aquarium or a pool with clear and crystal clear liquid, indicate an interesting condition of his spouse.

Interaction with children that may mean that you are pregnant.

A woman who is already pregnant can often see dreams about children that are not born yet. The age of the child can vary from a newly born to a socially developed personality. Seeing a dream about your own children (who you do not have yet) is also one of the signs of becoming parents soon.

Sometimes such dreams can give you a hint about a baby’s sex; you can have detailed look at his/her face or even hear the child’s voice. Very often, when bringing up a child, a woman can feel the effect of déjà-vu, like she has already seen this plot. Such moments are proving that a mother-to-be can not only see her future child in a dream, but also see a scene from their future life.

Walking hand in hand with a child, catching him up or playing with a child in a dream can also be interpreted as future motherhood. Running, catching, tickling, and swinging children is also a sign that the girl will soon become pregnant.

The dreams before pregnancy differ with high emotional charge – the dreamer feels overwhelmed with happiness, joy and bliss in a dream. In addition to positive emotions, fear, panic, discomfort and irritability may be present in the dream, which indicate a soon conception, thereby foreshadowing a hormonal surge as a result of pregnancy.

If a woman was trying to get pregnant for a long time, any kind of plot where she gets a child as a present, or her husband brings him home from somewhere, or somebody brings him in and leaves, predicts a coming happy motherhood.

Dreaming of family idyll as a symbol of possible pregnancy.

A family idyll can also be a symbol of future pregnancy. People may see dreams about quiet family evenings, peaceful walks in the forest or at the seashore. One distinguishing feature of these images is a feeling of bliss, serenity and tranquility. If you see a dream about peaceful calm situation in the family, with no quarrels and misunderstandings and feel a kind presence of someone else in the room, such plot is interpreted as having a baby soon.

Different dreams telling you might be pregnant.

Among the dreams that usually mean pregnancy, there is one distinguishing feature – they all somehow push the dreamer to the thought of the child. This may be a conversation about children between people, photographs, children's drawings or toys.

    Here is the list of most popular images that mean pregnancy:
  • Egg. The dreambooks are saying that eggs seen in a dream predict pregnancy; it doesn’t matter whether it was one egg or several. An image of a broken egg has a very negative meaning – it predicts miscarriage or abortion.
  • Cabbage. According to Longo, if a young woman who got recently married, saw cabbage in her dream, this means she is already carrying a baby.
  • Kittens. Although a number of dreambooks interpret these animals as unfavorable sign of small troubles and misunderstandings, a lot of women state that they saw dreams about kittens before getting pregnant. You can also interpret the plot that small chores are caused by the dreamer’s getting prepared for labor.
  • Dolphin. This mammal predicts joy and happiness in the household and is often a precursor of pregnancy.
  • Stork. A stork is a bird bringing children in a number of folk tales not without reason. A young woman who saw a stork in her dream will feel the happiness of motherhood soon. To a man, this dream indicates that the instinct of paternity and the continuation of his clan have awakened in him.
  • Mushrooms. Collecting mushrooms in a dream predicts coming pregnancy. The dream is interpreted from two positions: it indicates active sex life that will lead to pregnancy. The other interpretation of a symbol of mushrooms is that they represent a long-awaited reward for your efforts. For those girls, who have long and unsuccessfully tried to conceive, dreams with mushrooms promises coming motherhood.
  • Menstruation. If a young woman sees that her periods started in a dream, this can mean she will get pregnant. If she is longing for her menstruation to come in a dream, this plot indicates she is dreaming of a child for a long time. But you shouldn’t forget the cases when the girl is afraid to get pregnant, on the contrary. In this case this plot just reflects her real life fears.
  • Apples. Dreams about apples usually predict meeting with friends, joy and having a good time. But a number of women are saying that an apple in a dream was their first sign of pregnancy.
  • Pomegranate. This fruit is a precursor of having a child in the family soon. In ancient Greece and Phoenicia, pomegranate was considered a symbol of birth of a new life, as well as a symbol of the great female gift of fertility.
  • Buying fruits or berries (especially buying cherry, sweet cherry, watermelon and lemon) can symbolize future pregnancy. Such dreams are usually seen before pregnancy and can not on only bring the happy news (when it is expected) or warn about a chance of unwanted pregnancy.

What are the Top-5 negative dream signs meaning that you are pregnant?

  • A withered vineyard in dreams speaks of pregnancy which will end in premature birth.
  • When a man dreams of wormy apples, this image speaks about the unplanned pregnancy of his mistress.
  • Eating tasteless fish soup is a sign of a frozen pregnancy in a sister or daughter.
  • Lice seen in a dream may predict a disease that can terminate a pregnancy.
  • Determination of the sex of the baby by ultrasound - predicts prolonged childbirth.

What are the Top-5 positive dreams that predict pregnancy?

  • The constellation Ursa Major (Big Dipper) in a dream speaks of pregnancy with triplets.
  • Picking berries or fruits - predicts replenishment in the family of friends.
  • Big fish catch - to the long-awaited pregnancy of the sister.
  • Dreaming of ripe cherry - is a symbol of easy childbirth.
  • Breast milk in a dream - means good health during pregnancy.

Which dreams mean that you are pregnant, according to different dreambooks?

Can a man's dream predict pregnancy? Miller thinks that if a man dreams of warm socks and homemade cakes, this is a sign of his wife's pregnancy; a flowering tree or bush with huge roses predict that your girlfriend might get pregnant soon; bleeding that cannot be stopped may symbolize your mother's or sister's pregnancy; moving to a new home is a symbol that your daughter might get pregnant soon.

Here are Miller's tips for women's dreams that may mean that you are pregnant: the starry sky speaks of pregnancy with triplets; millet scattered on the table - promises twins of different sexes; a loose tooth - speaks of difficult pregnancy; dreaming of breast - is a symbol of imminent pregnancy.

Clairvoyant Vanga deciphered dreams of ducks with ducklings as a sign of an unplanned pregnancy. According to Tsvetkov, dreams about planting or picking vegetables indicate pregnancy in the family. A climbing plant - is a sigh that your beloved woman is pregnant.

Strange as it is, dreaming of huge slugs is a symbol of the imminent onset of the long-awaited pregnancy. If you dream about how you are swimming in a river full of fish, it means that in reality you will get pregnant with a boy; caviar of any fish - speaks about a long-awaited pregnancy.

    Additional dreams that promise pregnancy, according to Vanga:
  • a guy dreams of chicken eggs or catching small fish means his woman's pregnancy;
  • for a divorced man - dragonfly larvae and tomato seedlings meaning pregnancy;
  • for a married man, cabbage pies and salted herring predict his partner's pregnancy;
  • if a woman dreams about a small bird, this plot predicts pregnancy with a girl;
  • woman's dream about a mouse or a frog may mean she is pregnant with a boy;
  • when a woman sees a dream about worms or poop, this may predict multiple pregnancy;
  • if you dreamed about how you vomited, this can symbolize a difficult pregnancy;
  • if you dream of a bird that flew into the house, this is a sign of an easy birth.

Pastor Loff considered the dream of an apple-tree or apples to be a symbol of an unplanned pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.

    Additional dream plots predicting pregnancy by Loff:
  • if a married man dreams that he was presented with a head of cabbage, it means that in the coming days he will find out about his wife's pregnancy;
  • seeing catfish in a dream predicts sister's pregnancy;
  • a married woman dreams of wild animals - this promises a long-awaited pregnancy;
  • a huge black snake seen by a woman - may symbolize a difficult pregnancy and premature birth;
  • seeing insects on the bed - predict the birth of a girl;
  • a newborn baby in a stroller in a dream - is a sign of a trouble-free pregnancy.

According to Miss Hasse, dreams of leeches and guinea pigs promise a woman who is married coming pregnancy.

If a woman dreams that a psychic predicts her child's birth, then such a dream is prophetic.

According to the Assyrian dream book, a coming pregnancy of a loved one is foreshadowed by dreams of birds or hunting wild animals. Islamic dreambook thinks that dreams of precious stones predict multiple pregnancies in a relative.

Sometimes it is not even important what image the dreamer saw; the main thing is the happy feelings that she had during the dream.

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