Energy Dream Meaning

Feeling a huge supply of vital energy in a dream is a symbol of perseverance, spiritual strength and the inexhaustible potential of a dreamer. Divine light means the purity of thoughts that will lead to positive changes. Negotiations will be successful, if you dreamed that I had the opportunity to use electricity or solar panels. And here, as for thermonuclear processes in a dream, dream books answer ambiguously.

People who are tired of household loads can see burnt plugs in a dream. A dream means that you have to save strength, not to get into conflicts with colleagues, relatives, neighbors, otherwise the fight will not be in your favor. It is especially bad if you dreamed that the specialist did not manage to fix the breakdown.

    Miller's dream book, explaining why energy is seen in a dream, takes into account not only the electric charge:
  • work with a psychic, a physical body - to recovery;
  • the attack of demons, evil characters - to depression, emotional instability;
  • divine hymns - to creative enthusiasm, success in personal life;
  • nuclear reactors, thermonuclear installations - to crucial moments;
  • electromagnetic field – means occupying leadership positions.

If a psychic transmits his impulses to you in a dream, then it is time to take advantage of the body’s internal resources. Life energy will fill your body if you dreamed that you were comfortable, calm at the appointment with the healer. Dream interpretation of Vanga promises a complete recovery even to seriously ill patients.

Conducting profitable negotiations, successful transactions, receiving prizes, awards in any nomination - this is exactly what the electric energy that you used in a dream means. Only a sharp disconnection of household appliances from the network should alert you. The rest of the interpretation of the dream is entirely aimed at the positive.

To see the chants of angels, to feel the subtle vibrations of divine energy in a dream - predicts the emergence of new ideas that will lead you eventually to discoveries, better relationships with the family, partners, and like-minded people. Your personal life will improve if you dream of outlandish landscapes, fabulous birds.

At the same time, you should be extremely careful if you happen to see evil characters. Demonic energy, on the contrary, will deprive the dreamer of his last strength. Try not to get depressed, do not impose your society on family, friends, do not take what is happening around too close.

Nuclear energy carries an enormous supply of power. Dream Interpretations of Castaneda and Nostradamus, describing why nuclear reactors and turbines are seen in a dream, promise victory in litigation, in a dispute with colleagues. However, the triumph will go to you at a difficult price, you will have to work hard.

Aura emitting light and attracting your attention - means good luck in business, success. You can achieve much more than you even think. Dark and thick aura: indicates a lack of clarity and health problems.

Sergii Haranenko
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