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What does it mean when you dream about an angel? When a person sees the bright image of an angel in a dream, then without even receiving any signs from him, he feels peace and tranquility. Heavenly messengers will bring grace to real life by their appearance. If you have some tasks accumulated - they can be successfully resolved; if troubles flooded your life - they retreat; you are tortured by diseases - a long-awaited recovery will come.

If an adult mature woman sees an angel in her dream, she may have passionate feeling to a young innocent young man. A man dreams of angels when he is fed up with sexual adventures and the only thing which his soul truly needs is emotional intimacy with an interesting intelligent woman.

If someone dreams of a statuette of an angel or another material image of the heavenly herald, dream books foreshadow: romantic relationships will be complemented by carnal joys.

The dreambooks state that a person has a special mission and debt before other people if he was flying with angels in a dream. Angels in the sky are a symbol of wonderful news.

Cherubim flying over the house remind you that you need to take precautions to protect the wealth, which will multiply. For women to fly with them means getting rid of women's ailments soon. If in a dream it seems that you are an angel, Vanga’s dream book warns: costs should not turn into wastes, it is better to share wealth with those in need.

If you often dream of flying angels, this is a reminder that words can be used to damage both those around you and yourself. Watch your speech, clothe good thoughts with the right words. If angels are flying towards you, you should wait for a telegram or a letter with pleasant news.

An angel with huge white wings is a sign that higher forces will intervene into your life. If the dreamer could not cope with some task, he suddenly finds the right solution.

For those who saw the fallen angel, dream books predict trouble from a dangerous hobby of black magic and fortune telling. Avoid contact with otherworldly forces, they respond with unbearable sorrows.

After a date with an angel in a dream, marriage may occur, as well as the birth of a child, some kind of fateful meeting; but after meeting a demon problems in your personal life can lead to an unexpected outcome. The demon seen by a woman in a dream is a reflection of her fear of men, whom she subconsciously perceives as rapists, enslavers.

How can you find out that a deceased loved one became your Guardian Angel?

What does a Death Angel symbolize in dreams? Very often he appears in the form of an old woman in black, a strict cold lady under a veil, a nun, a woman in a mask or without a face; a gray or black angel of a baby, a sad young man in a black cloak and means a warning of death, danger, misfortune, a period of severe mental suffering; bad rock; secret knowledge that will destroy the soul.

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