Executioner Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of seeing an executioner in your dreams? Seeing in a dream an executioner chopping off certain body parts of a convicted person means that in reality you will be offended completely unfairly, but your friends will comfort you with a kind word. An executioner tightening a noose around the neck of his victim means that, wanting to avoid misfortune, in reality you will simply be forced to adhere to the original decision.

A dream in which you see yourself as an executioner at the execution of your most sworn enemy portends success in all matters.

Climbing the scaffold with a proud look and spitting in the face of your executioner - such a dream portends a pleasant meeting and a productive discussion of joint problems.

If the executioner in a dream turns out to be your friend and at the last moment helps you escape, freeing you from shackles, this means you will be able to overcome all the hardships in your path and enter the wide road of success and recognition.

If in a dream a crowd of commoners frees you and puts the executioner to death - such a dream portends a successful end to a love relationship with a wedding.

According to Freud, a dream about an executioner means that in real life you expect retribution for your deeds. It seems to you that your current behavior can be described as a betrayal of principles, relationships with a loved one. Maybe you should change your life and start all over again?

An executioner in a dream symbolizes an insurmountable obstacle that threatens to cross out your plans and undertakings from the very beginning.

If the executioner is wearing a mask: such a dream means that you will have to repent of some unfortunate mistake or accidental oversight of yours.

A dream about an executioner without a mask portends retribution for conscious participation in a particular case.

Such dreams say that you foresaw a catastrophe, but did nothing to prevent it.

In any case, when you see the executioner, it means you should rethink your affairs, try to fix what can still be corrected, and if failure does occur, then take it as a lesson for the future.

According to the Newest dreambook, an executioner in a dream predicts serious concern to severe pain due to illness.

Do not commit rash acts and do not rush to judge anyone, otherwise you may regret it later, the Astrological dreambook states.

Sergii Haranenko
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