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Interpretation of a dream about gallows

If you see gallows in a dream, the interpreters believe that current affairs are extremely unstable and can collapse any moment. After all, you do not dare to make an important choice.

If a certain problem has long been waiting for its solution in the real world, then a loop in a dream hints that further delay is fraught with irreversible consequences.

It is a good sign to see your enemy hung on gallows. You can easily forget about current tasks and problems, they will be solved without you.

Seeing an unknown person hanging on gallows is a symbol of complete success. Seeing your good friend hung means you will have to face a number of very difficult life tests.

If a young woman saw her beloved man on gallows, this means she will marry an insidious and unprincipled man in future.

If a good friend wanted to hang you, beware, the dream book believes that your so-called friends started a dishonest game that will soon enter the final stage.

If you voluntarily went to the gallows in a dream, this means your current affairs and tasks will be completed. To the ill dreamer to be a hanged man predicts quick recovery.

Gallows in a dream can also be a sign of luxury wedding. It is a sign of success to be hanging on it, some dreambooks state.

Building gallows symbolizes sudden and mostly probable negative changes.

  • Empty gallows is a sign of danger.
  • Gallows with alive hangman predicts wealth. The one with a deadman means that grand event will turn to be nothing.
  • Taking someone out of the loop - the plan does not work out.
  • To save someone from hanging is a symbol of an expensive acquisition, not necessarily material.