Eyeglasses Dream Meaning

If you saw glasses on your face or someone else’s in a dream, carefully consider how they looked. Dream interpretation advises to prepare for the coming changes, specifically caused by unknown people.

A dream in which sunglasses were seen foreshadows future success in business. The Universal dream book promises a dreamer, who saw sunglasses in his nightly plots, the presence of people with bad thoughts in his life that are much stronger than it seems at first glance. They can hurt a lot if they want.

If a young girl came across this accessory in a dream, it means that someone wants to deceive and confuse her. A dream in which a girl quarrels with her chosen one and he is wearing sunglasses, promises a long separation.

If you dreamed of broken eyeglasses, it promises a coming separation from your beloved and fight against the temptations due to his temporary absence. A Modern dream book predicts disappointment in a loved one, which "well-wishers" could open their eyes to.

If the glasses are broken in a dream, it predicts that information will soon appear, that will be able to change your opinion about people who are very close.

If you wore prescription eye glasses in a dream, this could mean personal disbelief in everything that happens and waiting for a dirty tricks from others.

Dreambook of Shereminskaya warns that if what you see leads to indignation, you should be alert. If you dreamed of something good, joyful, then try to get some rest and get away from bad thoughts.

If you dream that you were trying on spectacles, this means you do not like the current state of affairs. Dream interpretation of Grishina is sure that trying on eyeglasses is a warning that encourages people to look to those close to them and their surroundings to reconsider their lifestyle.

The plot in which you were buying eyeglasses in a dream is interpreted in two ways. According to the first version, you need to take your eyesight seriously. You may have to visit an oculist in the near future. The second version says that you need wise advice without which it is impossible to make an important decision.

Another explanation for what a dream about purchasing spectacles means - your intuition is well developed. You can easily find a way out of the most difficult situations with the help of it.

The dream of a man wearing eyeglasses, whether familiar or not, gives hope that the feelings you have for a young man are mutual and they have a future.

Finding eyeglasses in a dream means receiving help from a person who will help you sort out some difficult issues. The dreambook of Aesop promises an unexpected "epiphany" and a cardinal change of your opinion in a positive or negative direction.

According to Miller, the dreamed accessory assumes that there are deceivers in your close environment who abuse your trust.

Seeing pince-nez in a dream is a symbol of narcissism. It is also a sign predicting eye disease, myopia, as well as spectacles serve as a symbol of surprise.

Sergii Haranenko
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