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Interpretation of a dream about fence

Dreams about fence can be interpreted as a sequence of obstacles or a long illness. But sometimes this image may symbolize career growth and great opportunities. A fence can be a sign of having troubles in self-expression. If you were just looking at the fence, some ill-wishers are trying to hurt you either in business or personal life.

    Different kinds of fence may have different interpretation:
  • iron fence - your acquaintance respect your opinion
  • wooden fence - a chance of career growth
  • strong brick fence - you are under protection
  • lath fence - a lot of obstacles in pretty simple business
  • barbwire fence - cheating, forgery, deceit

If a young man sees a fence around someone else’s property it means he should not waste time for love affairs now - his efforts will go in vain and will not bring desired result. A young girl seeing a nice decorated fence should be more careful with the information she shares because her words can be interpreted against her. A fence in the cemetery can predict illness. This can also mean you have to find more time to communicate with your relatives. Broken fence warns you that you may lose money because of your own inattentiveness.