Fish Scales Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of fish scales in dreams? The interpretations of what the dream of fish scales mean characterize the most typical way for you to build relationships. The dream book pays particular importance to the romantic marital relationship. From what you see in a dream you can draw conclusions on how to show your personal qualities the best way.

Miller’s dreambook pays attention to the turn of events in a dream and the appearance of the symbol. Scaled fish promises a beautiful romance for a lonely lady-dreamer. If the fish scales turned out to be golden, the chances of entering into a profitable marriage are high. One can see the moment of purchasing scaled fish shortly before the successful resolution of the financial issue.

The dreambooks give interpretation for such unpleasant feelings as fish scales in your mouth. First of all, a disgusting story from a dream can be provoked by malfunction of the digestive system. In Esoteric dreambook, scales stuck to your tongue symbolize inability or unwillingness to reach an agreement. If you have to deal with sensitive issues in real life, try to be diplomatic. Otherwise the conversation will end in a quarrel instead of a constructive solution.

If you managed to spit out the fish scales that happened to be in your mouth, the Wanderer’s dreambook warns that you may reveal some secret. If you had to swallow it, this means you will have to go on a bad compromise.

If you happened to clear the skin of a fish in a dream, the dream book connects this occupation with the forthcoming revelation. The dreamer will have to show his real face.

Cleaning fish also means your own insight. You will discover something that you have not previously suspected. Information may relate to the position of business partners.

If a scaly fish was seen by a woman born in the summer, the image means a funny adventure for her.

Sergii Haranenko
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