Golden Color Dream Meaning

Miller’s dreambook associates golden color with spiritual and material wealth. Golden shades in a dream say that the dreamer is quite capable of coping with any tasks, while gaining the reputation of a purposeful and self-confident person.

Besides that the dream interpreter states that irrelevant of who the dreamer is, man or woman, golden color is associated with masculine energy and shows that the person is active and effective.

If you had a dream about one of material values of golden color, this is a promise of wealth and prosperity.

According to the Gypsy’s dreambook, clothes of golden color seen in a dream predict solving all your financial problems.

If you saw a brocade dress in a dream, then you can hope to get acquainted with a wealthy and generous man who will take part in improving your well-being. But golden pants or skirt promise to win in a dispute or in court.

If you happened to see golden color underwear you should know that you will have to "bare" your soul in order to improve your financial situation.

Have you ever dreamed of an interior in gilded style? It is likely that someone intentionally flatters you to confuse and take your place. If you saw gorgeous golden colors interior at your place, this is a warning that someone is flattering you or your spouse in order to ruin your family.

Seeing beautiful nature in golden colors in your dream means you have reached the state that yogis call nirvana. You are not afraid of tomorrow, you do not know what worries mean, you have peace and harmony in your soul, the Eastern dreambook says.

The English dreambook interprets the golden beauty of nature in a dream with spiritual growth and the ability to resist the temptation.

    If you remember what exactly was golden in your dream, you can get better interpretation of the plot:
  • New Year's toy - you will find a passion for something new;
  • umbrella - you will get acquainted with an interesting person;
  • golden hair - it is not worth striving for ideals;
  • goldfish - fulfillment of some wish.
Sergii Haranenko
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