Foundation Dream Meaning

The foundation seen in a dream personifies the basis of the position in life and the dreamer's confidence in the future. The dream book, explaining why one dreams of laying the foundation of a new house, foreshadows the successful progress of affairs thanks to a pre-planned plan.

If you dreamed that you are building the foundation of a new home, this means wealth and prosperity in life. Seeing that the foundation is being built on unstable soil warns of insufficient strength to implement the planned affairs.

Digging a foundation pit in a dream indicates preparation for decisive action. Seeing other people clearing the pit means that the dreamer's future will depend on the actions and decisions of other people.

If you dreamed that you climbed up and stood on the basis of a new house, it speaks of a dizzying success that will become the basis of your comfortable future. To construct a building for another person in a dream portends the possibility of promotion.

    The Dream book from A to Z explains why the foundation is seen in a dream, depending on its type and other structural features. So, see that the foundation:
  • is collapsing - speaks of troubles and conflicts in the family life of a sleeping person;
  • water washes it away - means that someone is deliberately harming the dreamer's family;
  • is unfinished - announces the dreamer's unwillingness to carry out an important task;
  • foundation is destroyed - foreshadows the need to start all over again, to revive old things.

It is easy to guess why you dream of building foundation. The action seen in a dream identifies your concern for material well-being. Sometimes such a dream, according to the English dream book, portends additional earnings.

For a young lady to see such a plot speaks of the emergence of an influential patron who can provide comfortable future or a good start in her career.

For married ladies, the interpretation of a dream is associated with the ability to establish harmonious relationships between a spouse and household members. Medea's dream book, explaining why one dreams of making a foundation, announces the need to stand up for your family and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.

Any manipulations that harm the integrity of the dwelling in a dream:fire or if the water erodes the foundation, warn of a difficult period of family troubles, quarrels and disagreements. For young lovers, a dream heralds a possible separation.

For those who happened to destroy a structure with their own hands in a dream, a Modern combined dream book advises to moderate their ardor and emotions. The interpreter confidently declares: it is the dreamer who initiates conflicts with family and others.

To clear space for the foundation in a dream, according to the General Dream Book, speaks of the obligatory success that will come to you after overcoming a series of difficult obstacles.

People who happened to see unfinished foundation or an abandoned construction are characterized by esotericists as individuals who are not able to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. That is why many works and efforts of the dreamer bring neither benefit nor profit.

Sergii Haranenko
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