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Gossip Dream Meaning

In reality we voluntarily or involuntarily come across rumor: some like to gossip about politics, fashion or celebrities, others hear criticism of a particular person; others become a source of false information, taking the opponent's words "at face value." In a dream, all these gossips are explained by the dream book in different ways. And in order to unravel what gossip symbolizes in dreams, one should recall one's role in the dream, the emotions experienced, as well as the words of specific characters.

If you dreamed that you were gossiping and discussing others, it means, as Mr. Miller says, you should prepare for an unforeseen situation that can affect your well-being significantly. If you happened to hear rumor about yourself coming from friends or good acquaintances in a dream – this means your children will provide you with a reason for alarm and fuss.

The collection of dream books quite transparently hints at what rumor is about in dreams. The interpretation of a dream in which you happened to see backbiting people and listen to condemnation of other characters warns of stress or deterioration in well-being.

If you happened to gossip yourself, this means you should take care of the health of the duodenum, stomach and throat in waking life.

Seeing in a dream people talking about gossip predicts an impressive profit by a French dream book. Esotericists explain why such a plot is seen in a dream in a different way. The interpretation of a dream, according to the version of the esoteric dream book, is associated with the immoderate curiosity of a sleeping person, which can end very badly. To make the conversation that has arisen without making attempts to suppress malicious statements means that the dreamer will have to answer for his least mistakes in reality.

Miss Hasse compares rumors that appeared in a dream with the opportunity to change your place of residence or work environment radically.

Why someone dreams of hearing gossip about him is explained by the Modern combined dreambook. So, to see characters in a dream speaking about you maliciously and spitefully portends pleasant pastime among interesting people or receiving a long-awaited surprise gift.

According to some dream books, becoming the subject of gossip of others is identified with clear risk of making a mistake in choosing business partners. Other interpreters associate the dreamed vision with the inappropriate behavior of a sleeping person, which will cause complications in relations with others and people he cares about.

If a young woman dreamed that she was gossiping, then, as the interpreter of the Lovers claims, the dreamer will soon find out about the insincerity and hypocrisy of her partner who is completely lacking in nobility.

A dream in which you yourself are the author of gossip suggests that your conscience is burdened with several committed unseemly acts, for which you will certainly be punished if you do not try correcting them.

Expressing malice and anger towards a person in a dream, spreading gossip speaks that the dreamer's advice given to some person in reality will help him get rich, as the French dream book states.

Sergii Haranenko

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