Handicapped Dream Meaning

Seeing a handicapped child in a wheelchair is a prediction of a number of small troubles. You have to think over all the details in order not to waste time in vain. A disabled boy in a dream brings troubles in the household. Maybe you will have to spend some time going from one governmental office to another to get some privileges or services for your family. Seeing an invalid girl who can not move without help is a sign of a sudden surprise and it will be an unpleasant one. Seeing yourself in a specialized children’s center with a lot of handicapped children is a symbol of a number of problems waiting for you. Whatever you were planning, you will not be lucky now. Seeing a dream where a child is walking with a cane and limping hard is a warning that you should waste less money, you will have financial problems soon; now is the best time to start saving money.

According to Miller’s dreambook, seeing a man without legs is a sign that you will need your friends’ help soon. If you saw a handicapped with a mutilated face, who was riding a wheelchair and laughing, the dream warns that your wish will come true, but not the way you wanted. The changes will be either in some details or in terms. A dream about a handicapped without hands warns the dreamer that now is a bad time to start new business. A disabled without limbs is an indication of bad unlucky time coming. If the invalid person was young, the problems will pass soon. If he was an elder person, you should be patient; the troublesome period will last long.

A dream about a child helping an old disabled means that one of your friends needs a little help, but doesn’t have enough courage to ask. Helping a handicapped get up the stairs is a favorable sign showing that your life conditions will be improving step by step. A dream about helping the person get down the stairs promises that your problems will vanish very soon. If you had to take care of the person who doesn’t walk reflects a number of your unfulfilled ideas and plans. The dreambooks advise to put your fears aside and start acting.

A dream about giving charity to a handicapped with a baby is interpreted as someone’s luck and wish fulfillment depending on you. The dreambooks recommend not being selfish and helping your friend. Becoming disabled yourself in a dream is an indication that your business partners or colleagues want to let you down; you should be careful and don’t sign any unread papers or contracts. Seeing yourself with crutches warns about an illness. If you had pain in a dream, the illness will be cured for a long time.

Sergii Haranenko
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