Wheelchair Dream Meaning

Miller considers the image of a wheelchair in a dream as a prediction of illness; you should take care of your health. If you had a dream about an empty wheelchair standing in front of you, this is a symbol that all your efforts in solving the problem will be in vain. The dreambooks offer to resign and wait for better time to fulfill your plans. Seeing an empty wheelchair turned upside down on a street indicates a number of problems and obstacles standing on your way. If the chair was broken, you may not even try, nothing will work out; if it was unbroken, there is a chance to solve your problems.

If you were riding a wheelchair for fun, the dream shows that your problems and troubles are far-fetched and unserious. Seeing yourself helpless in a wheelchair means that you will not manage to handle all the problems on your own. If you wanted to have a sit because you were tired and the wheelchair was the only option, this image reflects your moral and nervous exhaustion. Riding a wheelchair to catch the bus promises some troubles. If you managed to catch the bus, the problems will be small and not serious at all, if the bus left, the troubles will be falling on you one after another.

If you saw that you were driving a wheelchair with a person in it, the dream indicates that your unselfish help will be appreciated by a powerful person. Riding a wheelchair in order to support someone who recently became handicapped is not a very good sign; the next week everyone will be annoying you. Helping somebody cross the street in a wheelchair means you will soon have a chance to help someone with his plan advancement.

Sitting in a wheelchair rocking the child is a favorable sign that your problems will vanish very soon. If you were a paralympic sportsman in a dream, this is a prediction of a long troublesome trip, mostly probable it will be a business trip. If you were riding in a chair in an empty stadium, this is a warning that you will lose money. Riding a broken wheelchair warns you about a chance of trauma.

    The dream details may help you get better interpretation:
  • Seeing your own wheelchair – your reputation will be ruined.
  • Someone else’s chair – you will have a long calm and happy life.
  • Seeing many handicapped – raider seizure or similar is waiting for you.
  • Feeling yourself a traumatized invalid – warning about trauma.
  • To marry a handicapped – you will have problems at work.

According to Freud, if you saw a wheelchair for a person you know, this dream indicates that that person doesn’t have sexual charisma in your eyes and you dislike him in general. If the plot was about an unknown person, this is a reflection of your own feelings – you are not quite sure about your attractiveness and potency. If you saw yourself in a chair, one of your couple is being insincere and imitates pleasure in bed.

Sergii Haranenko
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