Laughter Dream Meaning

The dreambooks sometimes give ambiguous interpretation of laughter in night plots. Such a dream can predict luck, success and positive changes or warn about sadness, disappointment and separation.

    The interpretation of the dream depends on whose laughter you heard in your dream:
  • Woman’s laughter – gossip, slander;
  • Child’s laughter – pleasant events, joy;
  • Young man’s laughter – bright emotions related to recent events;
  • Laughter of an unknown man – you will do something that will please your enemies;
  • Laughter of your beloved man – he feels better with someone else rather than with you;
  • Laughter of someone who is already dead – all your worries will remain in the past.

Child’s laughter in a dream predicts a period successful for business. All your beginnings will go smoothly bringing great results. According to Miller, a happy children’s laughter is a favorable sign predicting health and joy.

If a young girl to see a sincere, contagiously laughing guy in a dream means: he is interested in her; the young man will want to know her closer.

If you were laughing in your dream, you can be expecting luck in business and reliable companions. Feeling joy and happiness is a favorable sign predicting smooth days and end of troubles; it will become easier for you to live and work.

Crying and laughing at the same time in a dream is a symbol of major life changes. If you felt positive emotions after you woke up, the changes will be good.

If you saw a laughing person in your dream, this image can also predict some sad minutes. Watching a laughing person can mean sorrow, separation or problems.

The Islamic dreambook is also sure that a dream about laughter brings sorrows pretty soon. Seeing yourself laughing at someone’s joke in a dream means that an ill-wisher wants to put you in an awkward position.

If you were mocking somebody in a dream, this is a sign that your selfishness is hurting your friends. If you laughed because of tickles in a dream, you will have to put a lot of efforts in order to hide your tears and weakness in real life.

If you were laughing hysterically in a dream, this predicts a sad event, tears. To laugh out loud in a dream means that the dreamer requires too much of himself, however, heavy burdens and self-criticism are oppressive. If you were laughing loud at your relatives, you should be ready for loss and solitude.

If you heard the deceased person’s laughter, this can mean that you do not control your actions, like you live someone else’s life.

An evil laughter in a dream is a symbol of some dirty tricks set by your ill-wishers. You should be ready to fight back the unpleasant surprises. A loud laughter behind your back is a symbol of gossip and slander.

A malevolent laughter predicts a stalemate for the dreamer.

If your friends were kindly mocking you in a dream this is a symbol of having a good time with them. If you heard a strong cheerful laugh, the dreambook promises a quick happiness in reality.

A strong ringing child’s laughter predicts recovery from an illness, even if it was very difficult.

Sergii Haranenko
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