Holy Water Dream Meaning

In real life holy water has incredible divine power: it cures diseases, cleanses the soul, and removes the evil eye. But why is the meaning of holy water seen in a dream? Dream Interpretations, basically, promise good events and happiness. What matters is the exact plot seen in the dream. Only by remembering all the details of a dream one can hope for the most accurate interpretation.

Drinking holy water in a dream - to good health and unlimited luck in everything. The Wanderer Dream Interpretation promises success in absolutely any endeavor, well-being and pleasant ease in the soul.

If the dreamer suffers from some disease and dreams that he drinks holy water in the church, then healing will occur as soon as possible. If you dream of this, then the curable ailment will completely disappear, and a serious illness will recede for a while and will allow you feel full strength and health again.

Miller’s dream interpretation is sure that drinking holy water in night dreams is a sign that you will feel incredibly peaceful, happy, calm. Worries, vanity, anxiety will leave your soul for some period, and it will be possible at this moment to understand your true needs, desires.

To wash oneself in a dream with a muddy liquid means to be surrounded by hypocritical and deceitful personalities in reality. None of them behave quite sincerely towards you. The Modern dream book predicts the appearance of a lot of problems and life difficulties due to these people.

In a dream, splashing holy water in the face of a person close to you and dear to your heart means wishing him only happiness, good. In a dream, spraying this healing fluid on your foe – to an honest struggle against him. Despite the not too decent actions of the enemy, you will not cross the line and will not begin to manifest retaliatory meanness in yourself. Miller's dream book recommends being careful not to reveal your true thoughts.

If you dream that you are in a church and undergo a baptismal ceremony, then feel free to wake up for something that you have not been able to start for a long time because of fears and doubts. Miller's dream book confidently reports that you will be able to fulfill the plans that have been conceived, even the most daring and unrealistic ones.

Did you have a dream that you lowered your head into a baptistery filled with clean and crystal clear holy water? Your life will be easy and enjoyable. Fate will give you a lot of pleasant gifts and almost all your dreams will come true. If the liquid was cloudy in a dream, then difficult months would come. Such a dream may come in the coming struggle for life, for one’s own happiness, for love.

Had a dream that someone from the acquaintances, from relatives, did the ablution? His affairs will improve, and events will develop incredibly well. If you dreamed that the ablution was performed by the priest, you will be able to experience true happiness.

Sergii Haranenko
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