Horseshoe Dream Meaning

Like in reality, a horseshoe in a dream stands as a happy omen of good luck and prosperity. It is a symbol of a successful trip, solving boring problems, success in love and business. Everything you planned will be fulfilled the best way.

If you happened to become a blacksmith and personally forge a horseshoe, the dream book is sure: a bright future depends entirely on you, and you will be able to dispose of this chance correctly.

Seeing a horseshoe on the road means that fate will give you a unique opportunity to correct previously made mistakes. For women the vision promises a caring and faithful spouse.

A golden horseshoe multiples all the positive interpretations of the dream, it is a symbol of triumph. This symbol also means acquaintance with a person who will mean a lot for you.

If the horseshoe was broken, unfortunately all your hopes will not bring any result and luck will pass by.

If you personally nailed it to the door of the house in a dream, you will soon go to work in faraway places.

If the horseshoe appeared in front of you literally from the air, the dream book guarantees the receipt of the necessary credit. If you dreamed that someone gave you this item, the next stage of life will be easy and prosperous.

It is not a good sign to see a horseshoe with the nails sticking out of it. This means that you connect your life with a person who does not understand you at all.

Finding a horseshoe promises support of friends, relatives or colleagues. Finding and picking up a metal horseshoe means unexpectedly receiving money from an unexpected source.

An iron-shod horse means that you are a practical person who achieves everything with work, and does not count on surprises of Fortune. If the horse lost a horseshoe, then you will have to stand up to protect your interests and property.

Sergii Haranenko
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