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Door Dream Meaning

A person who saw a dream about a doorway can expect a number of problems and obstacles on his way. Depending on how the dream ends, one can predict whether he will overcome them or not. A dream where you had to close the door behind someone shows your unconscious wish to protect you and your family from gossip and ill-wishers. Locking the door is a sign of fighting with people who are stronger than you. You will need a lot of strength and courage to solve the situation.

A dream when you locked down the door with the key promises a marriage coming or a meeting with a person who will become your life partner. Locking the door is usually interpreted as a wish to get peace and stay in solitude for a while. The dream can also be the reflection of your unwillingness to solve the problems at once.

Closing the door from inside indicates fighting your own fears. For a woman this dream means fear of undesired pregnancy or partner cheating on her. For a man the locking image can end up with an unpleasant talk and even breaking up with his partner if they do not discuss their problems sincerely.

An open door may symbolize a call for action or indicate that the person is ready for new relations. An open apartment door can warn about uninvited guests or show the dreamer’s wish to have a family. An open entrance door has the following interpretation: you will soon be offered to make a very profitable investment but the deal will turn to be a financial scam. If you opened the door with a key, it is a symbol that your abilities and knowledge usually help you find a fast way out of difficult situations. If seen by a man this dream can also mean that he will manage to melt the girl’s heart.

Hearing a knock at the door symbolizes getting pleasant news you were waiting for a long time. A furious and loud knock at the door predicts a compelled talk about debt return. If you were knocking at a closed door, the dream is a sign of ineffective attempts to acquit yourself; your foes did a great job spoiling your reputation.

A dream about a new door symbolizes new stage in a person’s life: childbirth, new work, moving to a new place, etc. An old doorway indicates that the problems and issues that you were putting away can not wait any longer. A broken doorway means that your future career depends on other people now. You should cooperate with them in order to get promotion.

If you heard someone break in through the door, the dream is a symbol of a traitor in your surrounding and he will soon show his real face. This can be revenge of the person, whose love you broke in youth. If you were breaking the door, it is an urge to act; your future depends on how you act. Seeing many doors is explained by need to make a choice in a situation that has been in the air for a long time already.

If you couldn’t close the door, no matter how hard you tried, the dream means that you will not be able to get away from your obligations. A doorbell can symbolize unexpected news or urgent problems that will require your personal presence.

Sergii Haranenko

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