Horse Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Horse dream symbolism

Horses are known for their physical strength and power. Dreaming of horses may symbolize a desire for greater physical or emotional strength in your waking life.

Horses are often associated with freedom and independence. Dreaming of horses might reflect a desire for more freedom or a need to break free from constraints in your life.

Horses are also associated with travel and adventure. Dreaming of riding a horse may indicate a desire for new experiences, exploration, or a change in your life's direction.

In some cultures, horses symbolize self-expression and creativity. Dreaming of horses may suggest a need to express yourself more freely or creatively.

The phrase "unbridled" is often used to describe wild or untamed emotions. Dreaming of a horse might indicate a need to control or harness your emotions, or it could signify a desire to let them run free.

Horses have spiritual significance in many cultures. Dreaming of horses may represent a spiritual journey or a desire for spiritual growth and transformation.

Horses are often loyal and trusted companions. Dreaming of horses might reflect a need for companionship or a longing for loyal and supportive relationships.

Horses have been used for work throughout history. Dreaming of horses might symbolize a heavy workload or a sense of responsibility in your waking life.

Horses are known for their keen instincts. Dreaming of horses may indicate a need to trust your intuition or rely on your instincts in a particular situation.

Equine therapy is a form of therapy that involves interactions with horses. Dreaming of horses might suggest a need for healing, therapy, or a connection with animals for emotional support.

Seeing horses in a dream

What is the horse spiritual dream meaning? In general, dreaming about a horse is a very positive sign, especially if it has a thick, shiny tail and a mane. This animal seen in a dream is a promise of support; you should go straight to your goal, since you can count for help and support not only from your friends but from authoritative people as well.

What is the horse dream meaning? According to the 21st Century dreambook, a horse in a dream is a symbol of diligence, great opportunities and high aspirations. At the same time, the gender of the horse gives the meaning of a dream an additional shade: the female horse symbolizes strong emotions and feelings; the male black horse (steed) is the harbinger of risky adventures. If he breaks his leg or stumbles: such a dream warns against unnecessary risk that threatens to turn into major troubles.

A scruffy, dirty, shabby horse signals the possibility of deception by those whom you trust, Miller states. Look around you, perhaps one of your recent friends simply crammed into trust, while he himself is plotting against you and spreading horrible gossip.

According to Chinese dream interpretations, if you were bitten by a horse, this plot is a symbol of work promotion; if the dreamer saw blood this means that he will get this promotion with the help of his relatives.

As for the dreambook of the 21st Century, feeding a horse in a dream is a symbol of some profit. And if you feed the foals, this is a signal to make a truce with the enemies who will go on compromise; the image also predicts receiving a lot of money.

If you happened to run away from a horse in your dream, you will soon meet a person who will fully correspond to your idea of an ideal partner. These relations will not necessarily lead to marriage, mostly probable you will break up because of jealousy.

Erotic dreambook gives an unambiguous explanation of the image of petting a horse. You are definitely lacking tenderness and care; you can even be called a lonely person, even in spite of having a constant partner.

A horse’s bite is also interpreted as betrayal of a very close person, mostly probable, a spouse.

According to a Modern dreambook, a plot about a horse in the water is interpreted depending on its condition. If it stands in a clean, transparent mountain stream, luck and success in business will be waiting for you; dark, muddy, polluted water promises frustration and disappointment.

Vanga’s dreambook interprets a horse in a dream as an early resolution of problematic situations at home or in a career, especially if the stallion from a dream is purebred, quick-witted and slab-sided. And if he is also white, then it predicts wealth, fame, happiness, and improvement of the family situation.

A stumbling horse seen in a dream predicts bad luck and failure in your current affair. You should not get upset; the next endeavor will be more successful.

A dream about a horse with a cart means you are taking too many responsibilities, although there are people who can share the burden with you.

According to Italian dreambook a symbol of a horse in a dream has erotic meaning, especially if it was seen by a woman. A stallion symbolizes the desire for a close relationship, high sexuality and readiness for sexual intimacy. It can also indicate cooling down the relationship between spouses.

If you dreamed of a heavy draft horse or a tired, driven horse, such a dream suggests that someone shamelessly uses your nobility, or you have overly burdened someone with your requests or prodding.

Dreaming about beautiful horses is a sign of success and growth in prosperity. If you dream about dirty horses, deception and envy on the part of those whom you have trusted are possible. A wounded or dead horse in a dream can speak of sad news.

Petting a horse in a dream means overcoming financial difficulties and achieving your goal. Also, such a dream predicts the appearance of an influential patron. If you were petting a white horse in a dream, this means victory in a competition or in a dispute; a dream of stroking a brown horse promises profit; what about the meaning of petting a black horse in a dream? - it is a symbol of wealth; if it was a beautiful horse - get ready for love adventures. A meaning of a dream about hugging a horse promises a romantic trip.

What are the Top-5 bad meanings of petting horse in a dream?

  • Dreaming about stroking a red horse is a sign of a long period of loneliness.
  • Petting a three-color horse in a dream means unexpected obstacles on the way to the goal and the emergence of unscrupulous competitors.
  • Touching a horse with a matted mane - means deterioration in well-being.
  • Harnessing a horse and petting it - means the appearance of additional responsibilities at work.
  • Petting a horse and feeling that it is biting - means the betrayal of a loved one.

Does a dream about petting a horse bode well?

    Here are the Top-5 positive dream meanings:
  • Petting a horse and combing its mane means wealth and popularity.
  • Scratching a horse behind the ear - predicts the emergence of reliable friends.
  • A dream about fixing the bridle - speaks of rapid career growth.
  • Petting a small horse means replenishment in the family.
  • If you were petting a dead horse in a dream, this image predicts the emergence of a new hobby.

If you dreamed about a horse without tail, this plot predicts a dispute.

If you dreamed about buying a horse, this is a symbol of news or some innovations.

What does it mean if the horse reared up in your dream? This image predicts a quarrel.

Watering a horse in a dream may be a sign of conspiracy against you.

Sergii Haranenko
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