Hunger Dream Meaning

If in a dream you clearly felt hunger, then in the real world you will find personal prosperity, endless peace and tremendous success. What else does this non-trivial sensation symbolizes in a dream? Dream Interpretation will give all the decryption options.

If you happened to experience hunger in the night plot, then Mr. Miller is sure that you will find senseless work and complete absence of understanding friends.

To experience excruciating hunger in a dream means that you are eager to buy something.

If other characters happened to feel the need for food in the night plot, then you personally are threatened with dissatisfaction with the existing situation and even poverty.

Did you happen to see that your enemies are starving? Dream Interpretation believes that this is a good sign. This means that they will not become an obstacle in the planned enterprise.

Hunger in a dream also symbolizes a lack of communication, understanding and even knowledge.

If you dreamed that you were tormented by a hungry feeling, then in real life this reflects your willingness to work and general diligence.

If you woke up from the fact that you felt a healthy feeling of hunger in a night adventure, then the dream book is sure that an excellent mood and good luck will accompany you all day.

Why do you dream that you are tormented by hunger? Dream Interpretation believes that in real life your reputation is threatened by excessive attention of persons of the opposite sex.

It also indicates that the lover misses you. If you dreamed that you were tormented by hungry spasm, get ready for useless work.

    The interpretation of a dream about being hungry also depends on who saw the vision.
  • It promises lovers an unfortunate union.
  • For businessmen - wealth earned exclusively by fair deals.
  • Seen by soldiers - it means good luck and coming contentment.
  • For girls it means loneliness.
  • For all the rest - sincerity, friendship and selflessness.

If the vision associated with hunger was seen on the eve of the wedding, then the dream book believes that the event will be upset or will go worse than intended.

Why dream of a vision in which you happened to die from malnutrition? Dream Interpretation thinks that this is an indication of the deplorable state of affairs, which used to promise tremendous success.

If people close to you happened to die for the same reason, this means an unexpected and rapid turn of fate awaits you.

To see a whole bunch of people die of hunger is a very bad omen. This is an indication of an event with irreversible consequences for you.

If in a dream you managed to satisfy your food needs, this means you will get an impetus to the rapid spiritual development.

If you had a dream that you managed to satisfy your hunger with delicious dishes, a period of well-being will come to the family hearth, which will be marked by fun and cordial receptions of guests.

Why do you dream that you were lucky to save someone from hunger? The dream book thinks that you are completely self-sufficient, and moreover, you are ready for self-sacrifice.

If someone is lucky to save you from starvation, you will receive support from a comrade whom you did not count on at all.

Why does one dream of fasting? Dream Interpretation thinks that decryption depends on for what purpose it was undertaken.

If you declare starvation, having previously made some demands, this means that you are extremely concerned about your own personality.

Seeing a hunger strike of others in a dream – predicts an unexpected incident. A hunger strike for more natural reasons predicts financial well-being and a pleasant surprise. If in a dream you are practicing therapeutic fasting, this means a period is coming soon when you really have to save on food.

Sergii Haranenko
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