Ivory Dream Meaning

Ivory general interpretation.

What is the ivory spiritual meaning in dreams? According to the Wanderer’s dreambook, seeing ivory in a dream is a sign of well-being and promotion.

Dupont, a French astrologer, says about ivory: “This is an excellent dream, it promises lovers beauty, sweetness of love, virtue and rare pleasures. A young woman told me about this dream: she was poor, but soon I saw her getting into her own carriage with a handsome rich man - her husband. This dream portends a rich harvest for the farmer, success in trade for the merchant, and a successful voyage for the sailor.”

Filigree ivory jewelry can play a role in a dream, as well as the good nature of an elephant and its strength, expressed in tusks.

The dream symbol "ivory" means something precious that needs to be achieved and protected from robbers. Because ivory is made from elephant tusks, they are also a symbol of male and animal sexuality.

In the interpretation of dreams, the handling of the ivory object is interpreted in such a way that the dreamer experiences dissatisfaction with its current work. An ivory jewel in a dream also symbolizes the noble and pure nature of the dream. In addition, ivory is considered an auspicious sign in a dream, as a symbol of good luck, health and prosperity in a dream.

There is an opinion that the one who sees ivory in a dream will begin to write and declare about himself with harsh words. If the dreamer finds ivory, this means he will receive a gift from a loved one.

Breaking ivory in a dream is considered a warning about tooth loss.

A dream in which you see objects made of ivory promises you the favor of fortune. Seeing in a dream how someone is carrying large pieces of ivory is a harbinger of fantastic success and unclouded pleasures.

Seeing something in ivory color in a dream may symbolize a strong sense of responsibility.

Dream of ivory psychological interpretation.

Ivory is a dream symbol for the soul, white ivory symbolizes consciousness, while black ivory - the subconscious. In a dream, the unconscious part of the psyche brings the draw aspects of life into the conscious perception.

Penelope already knew in the Odyssey, the work of the ancient poet Homer, how important ivory is for the interpretation of dreams. In it, she explains that there are two gates, one of horn and the other of ivory. Dreams that come through the ivory gate come true, the rest are meaningless.

If the dream symbol "ivory" appears in a dream in the form of a tower, it indicates a person who is not easy to reach. Perhaps this image is also connected with the dreamer himself, who sits closed in his ivory tower. In this case, more social and emotional contact is recommended.

The symbol of ivory in a dream spiritual interpretation.

In a dream, the dream symbol "ivory" is considered a symbol of the feminine in a spiritual sense. The elephant as a shamanistic animal personifies contact with the earth, the knowledge of ancestors, as well as strength and patience.

Sergii Haranenko
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