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General interpretation of elephant in a dream.

buying an elephant

What is the spiritual meaning of elephants in dreams? In general dreams about elephants symbolize an important business or meeting with an influential and rich man. The details of the dream play an important role in its interpretation. For example, if you direct his movement, then you can take control of the situation. According to Miller, seeing yourself riding an elephant in a dream means you will have great fortune and honors that you deserve and will dignifully accept; you will have much authority both in your family and in business.

Did you see an elephant in dream? If it was unpleasant for you to ride an elephant in a dream, such plot is a sign of fatigue. It is time to have a rest. A long ride on an elephant in palanquin is a symbol of occupying high position.

    What are the cultural peculiarities of the symbols of elephants? What does it mean when you are seeing elephant in dream in Hinduism?
  • In India an elephant is considered a God of luck, protection, blessing for innovations.
  • In Christianity the elephant symbolizes moderation, hard work, patience.
  • In China an elephant means happiness, longevity, success.
  • In Asia the elephant personalizes connection with other worlds.

Elephant in dream is a recognized symbol of wealth. A herd of elephants is a sign promising profit, dividends, inheritance.

If you see a dream about elephant this plot can also predict generous reward from an authoritative person. If you dreamed of pompous decorations on an animal, it means that you will be honored and recognized. An elephant in a dream can also predict marriage for a single girl who sees such image. If you dream that you feed or water an elephant, this plot means you will get a profitable position and have harmony in relations. A dream about ivory predicts joy and success.

Caressing an elephant in a dream means you will be planning a startup. If the animal is friendly and enjoys your actions, it means there will be no obstacles on your way. His displeasure is a sign that you still need to work at your plan.

Dream about training an elephant means you strive for leading positions. If the animal listens to you and behaves well, it means you will get a position you dream about. If the elephant bucks - it means you will not succeed.

Dream about a herd of elephants symbolizes long-awaited wellbeing. If you see that you are running away from the herd of elephants, you should fear the enemies who are stronger than you and very dangerous. Sometimes such a dream may indicate that there is a huge potential hidden within you that you do not want or are afraid to use. If the animals were running all the ways around, this dream means you will have to think about your instincts that sometimes bring chaos in your life and car destroy it if you do not learn how to control your feelings.

dream of elephant in a room

A single elephant is a sign of a small but very profitable business. A lonely animal can also predict improvement of your authority among friends and family thanks to your kindness and justice. Buying an elephant is a symbol of real-estate purchase as a result of good bargain.

What are the other elephant dream meanings? If a man often sees elephants in his dreams, this is a sign that he is a willful personality and he should put aside all the doubts and fulfill his dreams. An elephant seen by a young guy is a sign of his standing on a threshold of fateful changes.

A dead elephant is a bad sign warning about danger or disastrous deal. You should beware of risky events and situations in which you can let influential people down. To see a dream about an elephant in a room means that you will experience negative feelings and discomfort.

Attack of the elephants predicts of some danger and advises to be careful. Elephant’s trunk is a symbol of success and gains. Some interpreters consider the elephant trunk a symbol of the sexual power of a man. The longer it was, the greater the sexual temperament of the dreamer is. If you had a dream about other people riding on the back of an elephant, then for you such plot means getting effective help from an influential person and good friends.

A dream when you got hit with an elephant trunk is a symbol of wealth.

The Islamic dreambook considers meeting with an elephant in a dream a sign of too much pride in the dreamer.

As for Loff’s dreambook, he considers that in Zulu culture dreams about elephants are associated with wisdom, patriarchal and sacred relations. In most Western cultures, an elephant is associated with strength and long-term memory. That is why a dream about elephant can indicate the process of memorizing and symbolize memories. Dreaming about an elephant can also be a reminder about something you have unfairly forgotten about. According to Nostradamus interpretation, an elephant in a dream can represent wisdom, as well as suspiciousness and cruelty. If had a dream about a white elephant, in reality you will purchase a completely unnecessary thing in everyday life.

Sometimes the giant animal seen in a dream represent the high-rank official. The official will behave the same way the elephant behaved in your dream. A herd of running elephants in a dream predicts an important meeting. If you manage to interest an authoritative person, you will be able to solve your problems. A herd of running elephants in natural conditions is a sign of danger. If there is a tiger or leopard hiding somewhere nearby - you should be double careful.

An elephant bathing in the sea predicts some chores with officials and papers. Do not worry, someone will help you with this.

A furious elephant in a dream means serious problem. If it tries to attack you, you will survive grief or huge stress.

A dream about milking an elephant cow predicts income increase.

A dream about two elephants is a sign of mutual interest between people. It will appear suddenly and will turn into strong friendship or love.

What is the elephant symbolism in dreams? The emotional tone of the dreaming about elephants plays an important role in its interpretation; which emotion prevailed: fear or adoration, peace or anxiety?

Seeing elephant in dream is good or bad?

    In positive aspect dreams about elephants promise:
  • support in difficult situation;
  • timely receipt of finance or other resources;
  • career perspectives;
  • welcome changes in personal life.
    In negative aspect dreams about elephants promise:
  • facing tyranny or some distructive events;
  • money loss because of fraud or robbery;
  • appearance of a strong enemy who is almost impossible to cope with;
  • negative accidents of any kind.
    What are the Top-5 adverse dreams about elephants?
  • An elephant mother with baby elephants in dreams may be a sign of health problems.
  • Running away from a herd of elephants is a sign of trouble in your personal life.
  • Stealing an elephant from a zoo is a sign of demotion.
  • Training an elephant in a dream - predicts a quarrel with a loved one.
  • Stroking a black elephant in a dream is a symbol of bad luck.
    Here are the Top-5 auspicious spiritual meanings of elephants in dreams:
  • The golden elephant in dreams speaks of happiness, wealth and harmony in the family.
  • Walking next to an elephant in a dream - promises a quiet life.
  • Dreaming of a male and female elephants - predicts the implementation of the plan.
  • Seeing an elephant in the jungle is a sign of a good business trip.
  • Watering an elephant in a dream - is a symbol of fame and recognition.

What do elephants of different colors mean in dreams?

    The color of the elephant in a dream also plays an important role in its interpretation.
  • White elephant - predicts improving of financial situation. For young people it means purity of views.
  • Elephant-albino with red eyes - passion for squandering will lead to ruin
  • Pink elephant - means a dream come true. This image predicts a brilliant idea for businessmen.
  • Black elephant in a dream - shows the inability to fulfill a successful idea. The dreamer uses standard methods to achieve the goal and this brings decline.
  • Dark-blue elephant seen in a dream - means you will make friends with kind people and you will find out what real loyalty means.
  • Golden elephant - predicts a boost in the sphere the dreamer cares about the most.
  • The usual gray elephant skin in a dream is a symbol of languid expectation, vague premonition of a miracle.
symbolism of elephant trunk

Little elephant seen by woman.

What do elephants symbolize for women? The dreambooks predict quite significant life changes for the woman who sees a little elephant in her dream. They will be related not only with children, as it usually is when we see dreams about different cubs, but also with many other spheres of her life.

If you saw a baby elephant who made a big impression on you in a dream, this means that in real life you will meet a person, for meeting with whom you will thank fate.

Eastern dreambook states that if an elephant calf is seen in a dream by a woman, it means that people are expecting her to make some kind of decision. And on what she decides will depend not only her success, but also success of people around her.

If you happened to see an elephant baby with a herd, this means you should think of finding solutions to normalize the workflow. And if he played with other living creatures, then most likely it will be necessary to solve issues related to the neighbors. If a herd of elephants surrounds you in a dream, you should be thankful to fate for having such strong support.

If you dreamed of feeding baby elephant when it was sucking his mother, this means you will find out the joy of motherhood. If you already have children, the plot means you have to pay more attention to their lives. Do not let your children think you have forgotten about them.

A dream about elephant calf with male elephant and elephant cow is the symbol of strong, practically, indestructible, family happiness and harmony, the dreambooks say.

The majority of dreambooks consider it a good sign if a woman was riding an elephant calf in a dream. If you have some plans or thinking of a new project, now is the best time to start its realization.

Miller’s dreambook promises big winning for a woman who was feeding a baby-elephant from her hands.

If you happened to see a sick or wounded elephant calf, this image means you should avoid doing something important at the moment, because it will bring obly troubles.

What does it mean if you had an elephants dream? If you hunted an elephant herd and killed an elephant calf in a dream, it means that you can hurt a close friend with your statements.

If you saw an elephant baby loaded with bales and bags, this plot says about heavy burdens you have taken. Do not overestimate your capabilities.

    The dreambooks give interpretations of an elephant calf in the dreamer’s dwelling:
  • you yourself let him in - you have a lot of wisdom and prudence;
  • “Baby” came as a surprise to you - someone prepares a surprise for you;
  • you brought an elephant as a pet - you have big ambitions;
  • brought the animal into the house to grow and eat - you are too cruel;
  • redeemed from a cruel trainer - you, on the contrary, are too soft.

For a pregnant dreamer on early pregnancy terms when there are no ultrasound results yet, a dream about little elephant calf predicts a birth of a boy. If the future parents already know the gender of the baby, such dream promises successful labor. An elephant trunk lifted up predicts your baby a prosperous and happy life.

Here are the other ways how you can predict your future baby's gender.

Little elephant.

Even a very tiny elephant in a dream is a symbol of moderation and power, wisdom and eternity. Interpretations will have a somewhat reduced meaning in comparison to the image of adult animal. So in a dream, a little elephant does not reflect the wisdom of life, but only the experience gained on the current segment of the path.

If you saw a little elephant, the dream interpretation is sure that this is an eloquent hint of the subconscious, that your strength lies in friendliness and calmness. Just do your business and do not conflict with others.

Seeing a newborn elephant in a dream is a symbol that something new will enter your life. Most probable, you don't know about it yet, so prepare to be surprised.

A dream about elephant cow with several elephant calves is a call to pay more attention to your family. If a little elephant appeared in your room in a dream, then get ready for minor interferences and troubles, coupled with minor worries.

Miller’s dreambook thinks that seeing a little elephant means that over time you will be able to acquire the proper position and earn the honor, at least from your household.

Seeing a little elephant grazing on the grass means insignificant, but stable business success for businessmen. Young women will find a good admirer.

Elephant toys and statuettes.

If you saw a toy elephant, the dream Interpretation believes that you are busy with useless work. But for women they promise a coming pregnancy.

Seeing an elephant soft toy is a promise of pleasant acquaintances and bright prospects in love. If a plush toy appeared in your dream, it will be a small but bright joy.

To receive an elephant toy as a gift - a possible promotion, to see it in a shop window - favorable, but, alas, far changes.

    The interpreters give different explanations of the elephant toys of different colors:
  • Gray elephant - boredom, monotony.
  • Blue elephant - the need to rest.
  • Lilac elephant - creative rise.
  • White elephant - promotion.
  • Yellow elephant - clairvoyance.
  • Golden elephant - harmony, happiness.
  • Black elephant - the need for unity, integrity.

Dream interpretations are sure that this is a promise that you will meet a spiritual teacher or touch secret mystical knowledge if you happened to see real pink elephants in a dream.

Soft pink elephants in a dream warn of useless purchases and spending money. In addition, pink elephants reflect romantic experiences, illusions and daydreaming.

If you saw or arranged decorative elephant statuettes in a dream, this means that wealth and well-being will come to the house in reality, and you yourself deserve the fame of a skilled and hospitable host.

Porcelain elephants, received as a gift, signify a fateful gift that will help change life for the better. If you have dreamed of broken porcelain elephants, then an avalanche of trouble will fall on you and you will have to spend a lot of energy to achieve the previous position.

Unusual dreams about elephants.

A limping elephant seen in a dream predicts deterioration of your affairs. An elephant trumpeting loudly predicts a long-distance trip.

Dirty and shabby elephant is a symbol of hard work for small wages. A sitting elephant promises a new source or profit. If the animal stands on his hind legs, this is a warning you can get into debts.

Seeing an elephant eating at the zoo means you will cause envy with your success.

To see an elephant watering himself means you will get a letter addressed not to you. If you see elephants appearing in the circus - this is assign of pleasant pastime.

An elephant with tusks cut off is a sign of the loss of something valuable. Graceful ivory crafts predict favorable changes.

The elephant with the stars on its back is a symbol of the Republican Party coming to power in America.

If you saw a white elephant in a dream, then in reality you will make a useless purchase.

To hunt for an elephant in a dream means: in reality you are cruel, although you do not suspect it. Your cruelty is not expressed in physical actions, but has a moral focus.

To kill an elephant in a dream means that in the recent past you committed an act that you will have to repent very soon.

If you had a dream about a furious wounded elephant, this means that in the reality you are in danger caused by your own behavior.

Jumping, frolicking elephant or elephants - an effective mind game, secular science, wisdom, sophistry.

The elephant trunk in women's dreams can be a phallic symbol. If women see elephant trunk in a dream, it can symbolize her beloved man thanks to its phallic interpretation. If the elephant beats you with its trunk in a dream, you will get wealthy, the Islamic dreambook thinks.

The trunk of an elephant can also be seen in a dream as a sign of anxiety because of the precariousness of the situation. If the elephant raised you from the ground with the help of the trunk, you will gain success.

If someone sees he has en elephant trunk in a dream, this means he has heightened self-esteem.

To buy or to have an elephant in a dream is a sign of the imminent acquisition of large property as a result of a lucrative deal.

Talking to an elephant in a dream means getting some reward. Running after the animal is a symbol of being offended.

In the sexual sphere, dreaming about an elephant means partner’s weakness to a woman; and to a man a sign that his partner has a stronger character and brighter talents than he does.

Seeing an elephant walking along the street means you will have a very important meeting soon.

Taking photos of the elephant is a reflection of your dreams about stability.

An elephant bathing in a river or letting a fountain out of its trunk - you will be frightened by the upcoming troubles, but problems will bypass you.

An elephant breaks trees in a dream - to an early victory in a difficult situation.

Did you have a dream that an elephant’s head has grown on your body? The business you want to start is very complicated, you can hardly cope with it. But if you do not give up halfway, in the end you will remain with benefit.

Dreaming about flying elephant doesn't predict anything good. It means the dreamer is absorbed with pipe dreams. His plans remain in his head or on paper because he can not make up his mind to act.

A battle elephant at the war - predicts loss in reality. If there is a bear near an elephant in a dream, it means change of a patron to more authoritative one.

An elephant falling from the bridge in a dream is a sign of paying off the moral debt. A person who used to help the dreamer will need support. If an elephant fell from the sky in your dream - you can rely on a guardian angel when no one is there to help.

Seeing a dream where an elephant got into a place where it cannot fit a priori (i.e.under the bed), this plot means there will be a number of threats, but the dreamer will be able to avoid all of them and remain unharmed.

A balloon in the form of an elephant in a dream predicts to get back to the ground from the world of fantasies. Real actions will gradually lead you to success. But if you keep fantasizing, you will be broke all your life. If a young girl sees a balloon with a trunk this is a sign of communication with a frivolous man without perspectives.

Dreaming about many elephants of different colors and sizes is a symbol of fate variability.

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