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Jackdaw Dream Meaning

If you saw a jackdaw in your dream, depending on the details it can symbolize a dangerous friend, long-awaited news or minor troubles. Miller’s dreambook considers that seeing a jackdaw in a dream predicts small health problems or family conflicts. If you managed to catch the bird at night you will be able to be more cunning than your enemy in reality. Killing a jackdaw in your dream literally means becoming the owner of doubtful property. A black jackdaw symbolizes arrogance and jealousy. The appearance of this image in your dream shows that you are too unsound. You are trying to seem much better than you really are.

Seeing a jackdaw in a dream prepares you for scandals, conflicts and gossip. This dream is unfavorable for people on high business positions. Your ill-wishers may find compromising evidence against you.

The other interpretation of the dream about a black jackdaw is that you will have a great time in the company of a black-haired person. The dream can promise light flirt and connection without attachment. Seeing a flock of these birds means you have been cursed and you might have serious problems with your heart. If you had a dream about a jackdaw with pigeon feathers in the tail this is a sign that you have a very envious friend who is starting a lot of gossip against you.

    Here are some details that will help you better interpret your dream:
  • a jackdaw was flying - an important event will turn out to be not so significant
  • the bird was crossing the road - you will have an evil enemy
  • a jackdaw making noise - gossip against you
  • to catch it - you will be using cunning tricks
  • killing the bird - you will have to stand for your own rights
  • baby-jackdaws - you should pay more attention to your own children.

Sergii Haranenko

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