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Killing Dream Meaning

Very often dreams about killing are explained from the point of view of psychoanalysis. It can be the unconscious reflection of anger against a person who hurt you. Some dreambooks consider that in order to understand the interpretation of these dreams, people should consider their date of birth. If you were born in autumn the dreambooks warn you about some kind of tragedy with you or your family because of unforeseen circumstances. If you were born in summer period the meaning of your dream is much more positive, you will live a long and happy life without major problems.

You should also pay attention to how you killed the person in your dream. Killing a person with a gun or revolver predicts you will have no problems in sexual sphere, you will have full harmony with your partner. If you had to kill at war and the enemies were coming and coming and you couldn’t get rid of them, the dream symbolizes unfavorable period for your family.

What is the killing dream meaning? If you dreamt about a person being killed, Freud considers this dream a reflection of your inner violence, cruelty and love of perversion. You should try to eliminate those fantasies because they might not end well. If you saw an unknown wife killing her husband and the events took place right near you, this dream advises to restrain putting your nose into relations of others. Your interference will not bring anything positive, but will only make the situation worse.

A dream where you were killed is related to a sphere of intimacy. You are being bored by your current partner and do not know how to finish the relations without offending him. A dream where you killed someone with a knife has quite the opposite meaning, it indicates that your passion with your partner only becomes stronger with time and you are completely satisfied with your relations.

If you had to kill some non-existing creatures are just the reflection of the dreamer’s fantasy and the events of the day. Killing a zombie is a sign that you are looking for loneliness, you are tired of someone’s constant presence in your life. If you were attacking a vampire, this dream states you will have some obstacles, but killing him means you will reach your goal soon.

Killing bedbugs in a dream indicates some health problems. Mostly probable you have stress connected with your work. A wasp in a dream is a personalization of your foe who wants to “sting” you lately. So if you killed a wasp in a dream it is interpreted as a positive sign, you will gain a victory. Killing bugs means you will have some obstacles but the majority of them will be very easy to resolve. Killing warms is a very positive dream symbol, you will overcome some big problems that were limiting you lately.

If your dream was about killing roaches with a slipper, you can expect a career growth. However if you killed the insects with your bare hand, financial problems may follow. Killing flies means stopping the gossip about you. If a dreamer killed mosquitoes at night, it means he has a person in his surrounding who always takes, but never gives. You will be able to get rid of him without any remorse. Killing ant is not a favorable sign, you can bring troubles into your family because of your own dirty games.

It is also a bad sign to kill a horse in a dream, your actions will bring problems, you should start thinking over your behaviour. A dream about killing a cow not because of anger but to get food, symbolizes that your dreams will come true and you feel satisfaction. Killing puppies in a dream is a bad sign, your deeds will bring a number of problems. If a sick person killed pigeons in a dream, it is a favorable sign that you will get rid of your disease, especially if the birds were black.

Sergii Haranenko

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