Kissing A Stranger Dream Meaning

Despite the pleasant moments that a kiss gives in a dream, such an action is not always interpreted in a positive way by dreambooks. Kissing a stranger in a dream may reflect a subconscious dissatisfaction with the relationship with your lover or be the result of a desire to experience new, exciting emotions.

As for Miller’s interpretation, a woman who happened to kiss a stranger in a dream should be careful in communicating with the opposite sex. Dream interpretation associates the dream action with the probability of being seen in the impartial matter, which the detractors will skillfully take advantage of, casting a shadow on the reputation of the dreamer.

If you kissed an unknown man on the lips, the dreambooks recommend saving yourself from rash acts. If such dream was seen by a married woman, this is a sign she can have a short-lasting affair. Be prudent because this passionate affair will have devastating consequences.

If a young woman has a boyfriend in real life and saw a dream kiss with a stranger, this is a sign she is being frivolous as to her current relations.

    The dreambook from A to Z pays attention to the place where the kiss took place and other details:
  • kissing on the cheek - an interesting acquaintance with a person, friendly support;
  • neck kiss - expresses the need for a variety of intimate relationships;
  • on the lips - talks about unreasonable, strong passion, a surge of hormones;
  • in the hand - the subconscious need for courtship.

According to Longo, if a young girl kissed a stranger in a dream, this means subconscious readiness for intimacy, hormonal maturation. During this period the young ladies begin to form an ideal image of a man, which is then transferred to real guys.

Kissing a stranger in a dream can be a result of the dreamer’s doubts as to choosing an admirer. If a bride sees such dream, this is a symbol of peace and harmony in the new family.

Hugging an unknown man in a dream predicts a meeting with your future beloved. If a married woman was kissing a stranger in a dream, this is a sign of unconscious need for understanding, support and participation.

Freud promises a short but passionate love affair for those who were passionately kissing and hugging a stranger in a dream. Erotic dreambook associates the dream with the likely deception and infidelity of your second half.

To see an unknown guy whose harassment is sickening and causes nauseous attacks in a dream predicts that you have to do what you don’t want and try avoiding in every possible way in reality.

Sergii Haranenko
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