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Hugs Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you were hugging someone in a dream? The majority of dreambooks consider hugs in dreams the sign of future changes in personal life. One can expect a nice person come into his life and bring a number of pleasant minutes and great emotions.

If there were a lot of people hugging in your dream you will be invited to wedding party. Hugging animals means you will soon meet your old friends. This dream is not always a positive sign. If the hugs were sad some family issues can be waiting for you. After such a dream you should try pay less attention on the caprice of your beloved and try to please him/her.

The interpretation of a dream with hugs and kisses is not so optimistic. Hugging and kissing your beloved can be a sign of conflicts and possible separation; the same plot with your parents may signify their illness. The same dream with people you don’t know means that someone is spreading rumors about you and you should be more careful choosing people surrounding you.

Jealous people may see such dreams as interpretation of their wish to control their beloved. If the hugs were not pleasing you can expect arguments and conflicts in real life. If you are hugging your friend, he is waiting for your help. If he is hugging you this can be interpreted as some period of loneliness or a simple wish to be loved.

Sergii Haranenko

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