Knight Dream Meaning

In love stories the knight appears in the image of an ideal gentleman, able to come to the aid of the afflicted, to protect his family and friends from enemies. And what is the symbolism of a dream about a knight with armor? This courageous hero in a dream, according to dream books, is the personification of the prosperity, welfare and prospects of a sleeping person.

According to Miller, the dreaming of knight is compared by a psychologist with a person with whom you will have a strange relationship. Seeing yourself in the role of a medieval warrior means that in reality your actions and behavior will not be understood by others.

The Modern dream book predetermines an unusual incident that will bring you a lot of joy, explaining what the knight means in dreams. To be a gentleman with armor in a dream means that your merits will be appreciated by the leading person (boss).

Those who had the chance to wear armor in a dream will have to protect their honor and good name in reality. If you dreamed that you took them off, this image predicts the end of a long confrontation, an inveterate hostility.

Seeing many medieval warriors in a dream, warns of betrayal, according to esoterics. To young ladies, a vision in which the knight kisses the dreamer's hand has a similar meaning.

Those who were lucky to be a knight in a dream, Medea's dream book describes as noble, selfless persons. Seeing yourself galloping on a knight's horse, portends a victory in opposing competitors.

The dream book for Bitch warns of betrayal, explaining why the knight is seen in dreams. Envious people, capable of any mean act have gathered behind your back. The interpretation of a dream of Aesop connects with the need to take a defensive position in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from malicious attacks by ill-wishers.

If you dreamed that you picked up a knight's helmet and tried to put it on - get ready to experience material difficulties in reality. A Modern combined dream book advises you to consider your decisions carefully in order to avoid additional waste.

The Eastern Female Dream Interpreter recalls the need to take control of the family budget if this image is seen by a young lady. Perhaps waste planning will help in this situation to survive severe financial hardships.

For a man being a knight in a dream announces reckless jealousy, which can lead to a long conflict with his soul mate. It’s easy to guess what a knight on a horse means in a dream. The dream book of Lovers predetermines a meeting with an interesting young man who can become the head and protector of the family.

The dream about knights tournament where one observes the battle of the knights, symbolizes unrealizable romantic dreams. For unmarried young lady the night vision determines the battle between several admirers for the favor of the dreamer.

    The general dream book interprets the dream of a knight based on the general image of the character. So:
  • Dead knight - predicts failures, shame or disrespect of others;
  • Black knight – warns of betrayal of the allies;
  • Fiery knight – promises the appearance of a powerful rival in love;
  • White knight – announces the dreamer's romantic aspirations.
Sergii Haranenko
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