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Interpretation of a dream about long eyelashes

Dream interpretation calls long eyelashes a favorable sign promising a stable income, profitable business, the implementation of plans. This vision in a dream also promises a happy marriage, new hobbies, but warns against excessive gullibility.

If the dreamer saw another person with long eyelashes in a dream, this plot means he likes this person and they have mutual understanding.

To dream of beautiful long eyelashes means: you will soon have good luck, stable income, prosperity.

Dream about thick eyelashes promises a happy marriage with your beloved. This is also a sign of a profitable business that will meet all your expectations and may even surpass them.

Seeing yourself with long eyelashes means that the long-developed plan will soon be implemented in reality, bringing the dreamer profit and recognition. If you saw yourself with long eyelashes in a dream this image is also a sign of unexpected meeting with whom you will start relations.

If you dreamed of a person with whom you do not quite get along and he had beautiful long eyelashes, a certain event will force you to reconsider your opinion about this person for the better soon.

Your own long eyelashes with mascara are a sign that you will recommend yourself well to your bosses, they will trust you more. However, your colleagues and subordinates will be discontent, disrespect. It is necessary to remember about relationships with employees, so that their negative does not overlap your achievements and the desire to please the management.

    The dream interpretation may vary depending on who had long eyelashes in your dream:
  • you yourself - successful initiatives;
  • a young girl - people entrust you their heart secrets;
  • a child - means a joyous event or good news;
  • a young man - you will make an unexpected act and surprise other people.

If a woman dreams of wearing long false eyelashes, such image tells that she tends seem not the same as she really is. Also, the plot indicates: the dreamer wants to hide something from her lover.

False eyelashes are also a sign that you are too trusting, and this can harm you. Try not to trust everything that others say, and check the information if possible. This dream is a warning that you will be misled. It may not be done on purpose, but you will sort everything out for a long time.

The late mother with long eyelashes promises a bright and important event in life that will bring a lot of positive, according to the dreambooks. There is another interpretation of the dream: you will get some news from afar.

A dream about your beautiful eyelashes predicts changes for the better. Moreover, they will occur quickly.