Medal Dream Meaning

What it means if you dream of a medal? A medal or other insignia in a dream symbolizes an understanding of one's own merits, even if they are not yet recognized by society. Dreams of becoming its owner or losing are interpreted by dream books as the probability of evaluating of your achievements. Sometimes there are paradoxical and intriguing interpretations - after all, there are no random details in dreams.

Miller gives a direct interpretation of why one dreams of getting a medal – this image means fate will bestow a man for his hard work. But if you dreamed of losing a medal, this portends a betrayal by friends, a neglect of the dreamer's interests. Finding and putting on someone else's medal – means appropriating another person's merits.

The Modern dream book, summarizing the visionary experience of the past, predicts bonuses for old merits coming soon. To survive the exciting minutes of being awarded a medal, to feel the sweetness of triumph in a dream, means to get tangible signs of your authority - for example, promotion or invitation to participate in a share of profit.

Dreaming of solemn presentation of a gold medal may be a sign of a temptation that cannot be fought. If you dreamed of sorting out and reviewing your old orders - for those born in spring and summer, an increase in pension is expected; people born from January to March will have fame, whether it will be bad or good – depends on the achievements of a person.

If you dreamed about a stranger with medals, this is a symbol of a meeting with an interesting person, which will happen in the company of extraordinary, bright personalities. For a girl whose heart is free, the plot contains a hint of acquaintance with an educated young man who will amaze her with good manners.

Why dream of seeing the award ceremony from the audience? If the dreamer didn’t get the rewards, he will have to fight for his success - there is no reason to hope for random luck. Try rethinking your goals, developing a plan - and a person will not depend on the favor of fate, he will receive everything even in spite of circumstances.

The Dream book from "A" to "Z" says that a war veteran with awards on his chest seen in a dream – means that a meeting with a respected person is ahead. Finding an old gold medal portends high and not quite deserved honor.

A person, who is frustrated by the loss of a medal in a dream, will be confused. According to the Eastern Dream Book, this symbolizes lack of trust on the part of colleagues or other significant figures, because of which one will have to fail. In some interpretations, the dreamer will “lose his face”, lose respect of others.

The General dream book calls for bewaring of the accident if you happened to see the presentation of the medal. If a person is given other people's medals in a dream, it would be better if he did not take them. But if you received such an award, dream books say that you will be in a very awkward situation.

To see unusual medals in a dream predicts an unexpected reason for amazement. A lady absorbed in a career will experience love passion that will turn her life upside down. An innocent girl will be invited to a first date. For a woman to find a gold coin in a dream and keep it on her chest means that she is in the grip of prejudice.

Sergii Haranenko
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