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Military Service Dream Meaning

Army service in a dream reflects various difficulties mainly in the workplace or in business. But such dream also prophecies success in the field of love.

According to Miller, if you had a dream about service in the army, this means that the embodiment of bold ideas and secret desires is coming.

Some dream interpreters disagree with this and offers their own interpretation of military service. If you are drafted into the army, then in reality you will become a direct participant in an unpleasant and prolonged conflict.

If you happened to see yourself a soldier, this means that you are clearly not satisfied with the current situation and there is a chance that you will soon change your job.

If you dreamed about seeing off to the army, this means you will receive long-awaited news, most likely from children. If you are taken to serve in a dream, then boredom and longing will become your living companion. In addition, you will get into debt or give unfulfilled promises.

A dream about former military service means you are really afraid of something.

If you had a dream hazing in the army, this means that in the real world will have to obey the will or the requirements of an influential and tough person. If the dream service seemed to be a burden, then get ready for a bad change.

If a girl was seeing her boyfriend off to the army in a dream, all her aspirations and expectations will collapse. Dream interpretation advises not to wait, but to think about the future; otherwise you will suffer a heavy disappointment.

If you are a girl and were supposed to serve in the army in a dream, prepare for problems at work, the authorities are clearly not satisfied with how you perform your duties.

    If you dreamed of a sudden military service, the dreambooks recommend remembering which troops you were serving at:
  • Tank forces – you will make a fatal mistake;
  • Infantry – you will receive help from higher powers and people around you;
  • Landing troops – problems, something unexpected;
  • Signal corps – you will have doubts taking a decision;
  • Construction battalion – you will be involved in household chores;
  • Intelligence service – failure of risky endeavors.

Are you commander in chief of the army? Dream interpretation believes that in real life you will have to defend your opinion, idea or project for a long time. The same plot in a dream hints: you are not using your own potential in full force, but you will have the opportunity to prove it to others.

Seeing that you salute in a dream is bad. This means that disagreements and troubles are coming, besides, you decide to show exaggerated ambitions in personal relationships.

Seeing the redeployment of military equipment is also bad. The plot warns of minor problems and unrest, because of which you risk falling into a real depression.

If you happened to fight with the enemy troops in a dream, this means you should take an extremely important decision. But if you win a dream fight, you will certainly achieve high results in reality.

Sergii Haranenko

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