News Dream Meaning

Most dream books find it difficult to answer unequivocally what dreams about news symbolize. From the fact what kind of news you received in a dream, and in general, whether you were the person who was informed about something, and not vice versa - all this is of great importance when interpreting a dream.

If you had some good news in your dream, you will have good luck and success in those matters that require your personal participation and control, the Eastern dreambook states. He is supported by the interpreter of the Gypsies, prophesying great monetary success, if you dreamed that you received a letter with pleasant news from someone close to you.

And only Tsvetkov's esoteric dream book gives another interpretation: to see on TV or hear good news on the radio in a dream is a symbol proving that you are not constant in your striving and mood - everything is decided by coincidence, if it is successful, you will be successful otherwise failure and afflictions are waiting for you.

Hearing bad news in a dream, in the opinion of the dream books, means that it is time to mobilize your strengths and abilities in order not to get into a difficult situation.

According to Preacher Loff, bad news about the events that happened with the transport mean: if, for example, you heard that the plane fell or the train got off the rails, then this means that you will have big problems along the way. You should refrain from traveling by public transport in the coming days.

And if you dreamed that you learned about sad events visiting friends, then be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a lot more money than planned.

What dreams about the news that made you wonder a lot mean? If you saw how fantastic events that happened in your city were shown on TV, this means that you have hidden talents. You should look for a new hobby for yourself, it is likely that it will be very profitable.

If you dreamed that you were watching news report that talked about you and your achievements, then beware of sharing your plans with anyone in reality - competitors will find out about them and spoil your reputation.

If you dreamed that it was you - the news announcer, then this vision hints that it is time for you to start consulting with other people, making some important decisions.

But to see that someone else is passing you the heard news in a dream is a sign that you can take matters into your own hands. At the moment your intuition is very acute, use it.

    Miller gives short interpretation of dreams depending on news topic:
  • Baby born – chores, minor troubles;
  • Relative’s death – you will get inheritance;
  • Girl-friend’s wedding – you will have a quarrel with her;
  • Murder of your beloved – separation;
  • Cheating or betrayal – you distrust someone.

Passing on some news in a dream is a sign of sadness.

Sergii Haranenko
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