Tank Dream Meaning

The Dream Interpretation believes that all the dreams about tanks represent invincibility and victory. The only question is whose victory it is. Sometimes a symbol in a dream turns against the dreamer. The development of these dreams will help you identify allies and opponents with whom to deal in real life. These may turn out to be strong personalities, circumstances, and even you yourself.

Often, the tank that you dreamed of symbolizes the authorities and power structures. There is a serious conversation ahead, and the interlocutor will be a military or police officer.

Dreaming of a military conflict is considered by the dream book a harbinger of injustice. The modern interpretation of such dream means that your material well-being is at stake.

The war with the use of heavy armored vehicles (tanks) seen in a dream indicates an oppressive uncertainty in reality. War in a dream is associated with a hostile world - this is how the sleeping person sees it.

If you had a dream about war, the interpreter Longo claims that you are too keen on other people's affairs. Shooting from a tank in a dream is a clear signal that it is time to take up your mind, otherwise there will be trouble.

The plot in which someone fires from the tank reflects the desire to escape from a situation or contact with a rude person.

If in a dream you happened not only to see an APC, but also to drive it, the plot indicates the habit of resolving conflicts exclusively by force.

The dreambook believes that riding a tank means being indifferent to the opponent and his motivations.

Sometimes cruel reality forces you to drive a war machine in a dream. You think going ahead is the only solution to the problem.

Riding a powerful technique is not just fun for you, but a refuge. Those who in real life anticipate the threat of assault can be riding an armored vehicle in a dream.

Esoteric dream book believes that the powerlessness that forces you to ride a tank in a dream can be caused by malaise.

The dreambooks explain what is the meaning of armored vehicles in the women dreams. This is a reflection of the dream of a strong man who can restore order in her life.

A woman’s dreams of a tank can also be a harbinger of isolation and indifference on the part of the partner. An Erotic dream book explains why a girl dreams of seeing herself as a tanker. This means the dreamer will easily win the heart of the chosen one.

If you dreamed about a big tank, the interpreter of the Wanderer reports that your life will be filled with strength and power. A huge armored personnel carrier represents overcoming obstacles, victory.

Islamic dream book warns of the danger that even in the tank lies in wait for the dreamer. And determination must have reasonable limits, and destruction is far from always synonymous with victory.

The plot, in which the tank had to be destroyed, portends a quarrel in the family.

Do not be alarmed if you happened to run away from a tank in a dream. In reality, you will be able to resolve the controversial issue peacefully.

Miller's dream interpretation believes that the one who dreams of a powerful armored personnel carrier clearly underestimates his capabilities. The significance of what was seen in a dream is confirmed if a whole military parade was featured.

Subconsciously, you want to have invulnerable war machines at your disposal, destroying everything and everyone. Dream Interpretation reminds that you are quite an adult and strong personality, there is no need to resort to over measures.

Sergii Haranenko
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