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Moron Dream Meaning

Why can one dream of a moron? If you happened to dream of a natural moron - a slobbering babe with a steady look staring into the void - it means that inevitable losses await you.

If you dream that your children turned into morons who did not react at all to your appeal to them, these plot means unfavorable changes in life.

To dream of yourself as a dumbass and to hear the conversation of doctors saying that your case is hopeless, etc., is a sign of panic from the failure of the case into which you invested everything that you had and, moreover, got into debt.

According to the Big Dreambook, to dream of a person with limited mental abilities – means weakening of the memory.

Idiots seen in a dream are a sign of disagreement and possible loss. Seeing yourself as an idiot – means you will feel offended because of the failure of your plans.

To see demented children in a dream means grief and unhappy changes in life, Miller thinks.

If you dreamed of an idiot, then in real life something prevents you from sleeping soundly, it is tormenting you day and night. You are looking for a solution that would suit everyone.

To dream of your relatives or friends being morons is a harbinger of disappointing events in the family or at work.

The dream in which you see raging idiots is a portent of happy events. Calm idiots staring blankly in front of themselves are a warning of possible disagreements and impending losses. If someone called you an idiot in a dream, this means that in reality you will have no one to blame for the failure of your plans, except for yourself.

Sergii Haranenko

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