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What is the meaning of people seen in a dream? Does a person I dreamed about is a symbol of something? How many times do we ask ourselves such questions? Different people accompany us in our dreams, some of them make us smile, others make us scared, but it is not so easy to figure out what each of them represents. The options are different, as are the people themselves. And only dream books can clearly determine: what does it mean if another person is seen in a dream?

It is not enough just to see a person – in order to interpret what happened in a dream, you must be able to describe the appearance, habits and purpose of the visit. Remember the phrases spoken by the alien - words have great power and ability to come true. Facial expressions will also say a lot - these are emotions that a sleeping person may experience soon.

    Remember: the subject did not visit you of his own free will, but was sent to provide assistance. Often people come in a dream to warn, to convey an important message from above. And each image means something special, for example:
  • decrepit old people - blood connection;
  • young people - the field of health;
  • children - creativity, creation;
  • babies - love, marriage.

Dream Interpretations are sure: the presence of a certain personality in a daydream indicates self-awareness in society, sociability. The problem that your brain wants to illuminate is directly related to the ability to socialize.

To see a huge, inadequate crowd that begins to haunt a dreamer means to be afraid of condemnation, to adapt to generally accepted norms, to lose individuality. To observe a lonely, isolated subject – means to succumb to hypochondria, melancholy, to avoid entertainment, indulge in despondency.

A person holding flowers in his hands is an amazingly common sight in dreams, and outwardly seems completely harmless, is not it? Marrying, and receiving a bouquet from an unknown woman as a present – means that one vile person intends to upset your family and do harm.

To meet the seller-florist who is persistently offering flowers – promises a holiday, at which all relatives will gather together. If the plants are wilted and unattractive - a scandal will occur at the banquet.

If you are offered a flower, don’t be too lazy to remember who you received the sign of attention from. To receive it from your partner – means tenderness, respect. Flower from mother or father – blessing, support. From a terrible zombie, a demon – an obsession with envy is coming.

Did you dream of an armed person or a source of danger? You saw yourself as a victim of a maniac – in reality you are subject to complaints and mourn your fate for no reason. The flayer is mocking you in a dream – you will be caught in a shameful affair. If someone sutures the intestines, cuts out the insides – moderate your appetite and go in for sports.

A suspicious, scary man with a firearm, according to the dream books, portends a loud quarrel. You observe in a dream a person with a club – you should express your problems aloud and no matter what others think.

An angry, evil wraith, a ghost – such a plot suggests that while the dreamer is thinking, another person is acting.

Miller’s dream interpretation insists: if someone invites you in a friendly manner, waves his hand – this means you are missed, yearned for. You will get the wonderful news. The gathering of people in an enclosed space, in a store or a cinema, from which there is no way to get out, exposes the fact that for you it is sheer torture and boredom to show interest in the life of others. To catch hundreds of curious glances means feeling pressure.

What does Enigma dream book predict? To dream of a bright figure in a radiant halo – predicts trials that purify the soul. A coup will take place inside you, you will look at the world with different eyes. If you saw a battered photo of a stranger – old friends will get in touch.

A person who sweeps the floor in your house in a dream– means someone protects you from spiteful critics by making praising speeches. A person wearing black means that someone who is vengeful and possessed by demons wants to damage you. But nothing will come of it, because there is a powerful angel behind your back.

The dream book of Vanga considers important to analyze the place where the individual was met. On a deserted, long-distance road – something secret will open. A person seen in the darkness means that someone from your past will unobtrusively remind of himself.

The Islam dream book offers such interpretation: seeing someone walking barefoot – means you will be nostalgic. A man in mourning will bring bitter rumor about the death or divorce of someone you know in reality.

Almost in all our dreams there is some interaction with people. The dreambook offers separate short interpretations for situations with people in dreams you might have had.

Interpretation of dreams about interacting with people according to Nostradamus dreambook.

A person sitting on a high rock means that in the distant future a grand event will happen to the dreamer, which will radically change his life.

The meeting of a person with a stranger who has an animal look predicts a meeting with the Antichrist.

To dream of an evil, oppressive person is a sign that a tyrant will come to power who will bring war, hunger and poverty to Earth.

If you dreamed of a beggar, this means that in the future a big trouble will happen to you, as a result of which you will lose your fortune, shelter and a true friend. If you saw in a dream a large number of poor people, then this means that many nations will face poverty in the future.

To dream of a rich person is a good omen. A comfortable life awaits you in the circle of people close to you. To dream of a lot of wealthy people – represents the happy life of the peoples of the whole world.

If in a dream you saw a wounded person, this means that someone close to you will face a serious life test, as a result of which this person will lose not only shelter, material resources, family, but also receive serious injuries.

Meaning of dreams about different people by Psychological dreambook.

Seeing a person under the veil in a dream symbolizes an ambivalent action or person whose meaning is determined by the context of the dream. If a person is under a veil throughout the dream, then the image is negative.

When the veil is removed, and the subject sees the one who is hiding under it, one should establish whose image it is - “death”, “old woman”, child, animal, woman, friend, mouse, etc.

Behind the veil, an eye may hide or there can be simply emptiness. In these cases, the image indicates a mechanical or negative orientation. In other words, such a dream may mean that we consciously trust the situation or people who in reality do not live up to our expectations or trust.

If you are dreaming of some kind of person and you don’t know whether this is a man or a woman, this means that in reality you will have to change jobs and find yourself in a new team, in which you will not be welcomed.

A black person came to you - to the tragic news.

If you just talk to a person – this means disappointing news.

A quick and sharp man – you will encounter such a person in real life soon, do not miss the chance to get acquainted.

A man in black seen in a dream predicts hard hopeless life. According to other version, seeing a man in black – means you will get power and wealth without happiness.

A person seen in a dream also indicates typology that specifies and summarizes the way of life and behavior of the dreamer. It is one of the projections of the dreamer's lifestyle.

A dream of a man with an unnaturally long braid warns: being content with little, you delay your career growth and development in the professional field. With such resources and knowledge, it is possible to achieve great heights. A woman combing thick locks promises an coming matchmaking or pregnancy.

If someone began to get bald abruptly – means you should take care of your wallet, moderate wastefulness, otherwise you will remain with nothing. A night visitor overgrown with fur or hair promises business acumen and sharp mind.

Interpretation of dreams about a person by Chinese dreambook.

You take a mirror belonging to another person in a dream – this means the birth of a noble offspring.

A rich noble person is hiding in a dream – means recovery.

A noble man leaves on a horse – predicts clarity in official affairs.

A sick person is placed on a wagon – portends death.

A sick person climbs a wagon – portends great misfortune.

A sick person gets up – portends death.

A sick person keeps crying, then laughing – portends recovery.

A sick person riding in a boat – foreshadows death.

A sick person singing songs – portends a great misfortune.

Seeing a reflection of another person in the mirror – predicts misfortune with a wife or lover.

Another person holds your mirror in his hands – portends misfortune with the wife.

To see how a person is killed in a dream – means great happiness.

To see another person or oneself as a deceased – means good fortune.

To see a person reading a book – a noble offspring will be born.

You return money to a person – getting rid of the disease.

To speak with a bad person, a villain – predicts a quarrel.

Giving a knife to a person – misfortune.

Repeatedly stabbing a person with a knife – means joy and benefit.

If you give a person some kind of clothing – official affairs will arise, there will be illness, ailment, grief.

Holding a sword or knife, striking another person – means loss.

Another person gives you a brush – portends the advancement of talent.

Another person plays musical instruments – you will be recognized as right in litigation, argument.

Another person supports a bed patient – promotion.

Another person shoots you – the arrival of a traveller.

You shoot at a person yourself in a dream – portends a long trip.

The smell of rot, coming from a burning man – portends happiness.

A snake or dragon kills a person – portends great misfortune.

A snake bites a person – portends the acquisition of great wealth.

The snake follows the man – speaks of betrayal of his wife.

A noble man gives people clothes and hats – good fortune.

A rat bites a man by his clothes – you will achieve what you were striving for.

A person is bitten in a dream – portends loss.

Eating honey with someone – portends happiness and profit.

A dead man eats – portends a disease.

Giving an umbrella to a person – means parting with this person.

Relocating to a new house belonging to another person – predicts happiness.

Youbuy a house from a person in a rural area – moving in connection with a change of work.

To receive paper money from a person – great happiness.

To receive a knife from a person – there will soon be a job appointment.

Entrusting a person with your business – means great misfortune.

To invite a person to enter a public institution – means drinks and food.

A noble man comes in a dream – misfortune will pass you.

Swords fighting with a man – portends great luck, profit.

Quarrelling with someone – happiness.

Sorrow and tears about a person from afar – portends misfortune.

A man who learns to write is seen in a dream – great wealth, nobility.

Killing another person in a dream – portends wealth and nobility.

A person tells you about death – portends longevity.

A person says things that are very pleasant for you in a dream — misfortune and sorrow are approaching.

A man gives you a big bucket – means benefit.

A man gives you a broom – heralds a job position.

A man gives you a comb – you get a wife or a concubine.

A man gives you three swords – you will become the head of the district, the governor.

A man gives you a bow or crossbow – help from the side.

A man calls you from the street – portends misfortune.

A man isfishing in a dream – indicates luck.

A man is crying, his teeth are bared – there will be rivalry, litigation.

A man invites you to drink wine in a dream – means longevity.

A man with a severed head goes towards you – promises great happiness.

A person puts you in a very awkward position, you are humiliated – means you will gain wealth.

Man kicks you – wealth acquisition.

A stranger beats you – gaining strength.

Someone humiliates you in a dream – wealth.

Human speech comes from the well – there will be joyful events.

An authoritative person in a dream indicates an insincere personality. This dream points out to the individual that he is insincere, including with himself. It means the search for a role in the period of individuation.

What does atavism mean in dreams? Seeing yourself with a tail - means communicating with a person who knows the techniques of black magic, be careful for seven days (it's a prophetic dream). Communicating with a tailed person - is a sign that they are trying on an esoteric ritual on you.

Sergii Haranenko
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