Nail Biting Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about biting one’s nails? A dream about biting nails symbolizes unfair earning or the risk of ruining your reputation. Besides that, gnawing your nails in a dream is a sign of resentment against a colleague or friend.

Biting your fingernails in a dream may also mean disappointment in your partner.

If a woman dreams of biting her nails, this may mean the return of an old debt; a man’s dream of nail biting – may represent financial difficulties.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about biting your nails?
  • Biting dirty nails is a dream warning of illness.
  • Biting broken nails - means cruelty towards a loved one.
  • Biting painted nails - problems due to the actions of ill-wishers.
  • Seeing yourself biting your nails out of fear predicts troubles during a business trip.
  • Biting nails because of anger - an accident in the family.
    Here are the Top-5 positive nail biting dream meanings:
  • Gnawing long nails in dreams is a sign of career growth.
  • Biting fake fingernails - means getting rid of a bad habit.
  • Biting your nails at home in a dream - the visit of long-awaited guests.
  • Nail biting at work - receiving a bonus.
  • Someone biting his nails on the street - improving one’s well-being.

According to Miller, gnawing nails in a dream is a harbinger of public insult.

    Additional dream meanings by Miller:
  • biting short nails in dreams promises pleasant pastime;
  • biting already gnawed nails - sense of shame for committed misconduct;
  • biting yellow nails - trying to correct mistakes;
  • gnawing black nails in a dream - a serious conversation.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream promises replenishment in the family.

    Additional interpretations by Freud:
  • biting clean nails is a dream speaking of unfounded criticism;
  • biting hard nails - getting acquainted with an influential person;
  • ingrown nails biting - losing in a dispute.

According to Vanga's dream book, biting a nail on one finger - means negative changes in life; on two fingers - promises the resolution of the old conflict; nail gnawing on several fingers - means performing low-paid work.

Sergii Haranenko
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