Dream About Nails. Symbolism Of Nails In Dreams And Their Spiritual Meaning.

Dreaming of fingernails or toenails may symbolize a need for self-care, self-grooming, or personal hygiene. It could represent a desire to take care of oneself physically, emotionally, or spiritually, and a need for self-nurturing and self-pampering.

Nails in a dream are a symbol of human health, his social status and physical abilities. In order to get the correct interpretation, you should remember the dream details and emotions you felt.

Finger nails and toe nails dream meaning.

Fingernails and toenails can also symbolize personal boundaries in dreams. Just as nails can serve as a protective barrier for fingers and toes, dreaming of nails may represent a need for establishing or maintaining personal boundaries in the dreamer's waking life. It could indicate a desire to protect oneself from external influences, assert one's boundaries, or establish healthy boundaries in relationships or situations.

The most common interpretation of a dream about fingernails is that you will have to work hard and put a lot of efforts in order to achieve what you want. If you had short fingernails in a dream, you should be ready for melancholy and bad mood. Long fingernails in a dream may be a warning that in the near future, quarrels and open conflicts should be avoided.

Dreams about toenails have similar interpretation to the ones on fingers. Long toenails in a dream symbolize long-term labor commitments that will bring considerable income, but physically (or morally) will be very difficult.

What were you doing with nails in your dream?

  • Dream of pulling out nails - means stagnation in business;
  • Gnawing nails - the risk of being in an awkward situation;
  • Tearing nails off - predicts sadness and tears;
  • Dreaming of removing nails - an injury at work.

Here is what Italian psychoanalytic dream book says about nails biblical meaning in dreams. The nails, due to their shape, are a phallic symbol. The most common image is the insertion of nails into something or, conversely, the extraction of nails from something.

If a man sees that he is embedding his nails into something, this symbolizes his desire to be sexually active, and also reflects some elements of aggressive behavior and violence.

If a woman sees that a man is inserting his nails into something, this reflects the desire of a woman to have sexual contact with this man.

If a woman sees that she is digging her nails into something, this is due to her desire to be more masculine, that is, to have more strength, and maybe aggressiveness. This may reflect some homosexual tendencies, as well as feelings of hostility and destructive tendencies.

If a man sees that he is having difficulty trying to insert his nails into some object, this image can symbolize the fear of losing attractiveness to women and the fear of impotence. If a woman sees a similar image - this reflects her hidden desire for impotence for a man and the loss of his attractiveness for other women, she may be sexually frigid.

If a person, regardless of gender, sees an image of removing nails from something, this is a reflection of sexual guilt, a desire to step back, get out of sexual or emotional contact.

If a person sees that he is scratching himself, this image speaks of aversion to sexual contact and negative emotions in connection with sexual activity.

The image of nails in dreams may indicate the existing difficulties caused by the suppression of the inner essence of the person through alien interventions, influences. In some cases, in the presence of this image, close attention should be paid to the state of the body and the presence of somatic pathology.

Dreaming of healthy, well-groomed nails may symbolize good health, vitality, and physical well-being. On the other hand, dreaming of damaged, broken, or diseased nails may indicate a need to pay attention to one's physical health or take steps to improve one's overall well-being.

Biblical meaning of nails in a dream.

In the Bible, toenails and fingernails are not specifically mentioned as symbols in dreams. However, some scholars and biblical interpreters believe that certain elements in dreams, including body parts, can have symbolic meanings. In general, nails are often associated with strength, protection, and defense.

Long nails in dreams can mean a desire to hold on to something that seems important to a person, but which may be harmful or dangerous to him. On the other hand, cutting nails can symbolize the desire to get rid of something that interferes or bothers a person in order to achieve cleanliness and order in one's life.

Toenails and fingernails specifically could be interpreted as representing a person's ability to grasp or hold onto something. They could also represent a person's sense of self-care and personal hygiene, as nails require regular maintenance and attention.

Bad nails spiritual meaning in dreams.

What is the spiritual meaning of nails in a dream? The condition of the nails also plays an important role in dream interpretation. Broken nails mean that you shouldn’t take the work that you will not be able to cope with. You can lose not only the payment, but respect of others as well.

If you saw another person’s nail break in a dream, this is a sign of temporary difficulties in communication. If you watched the nails break, this is considered a good sign: you will achieve great success in work thanks to your efforts, patience and endurance.

Breaking nails on purpose means that you are choosing the path of trials and difficult achievements for yourself. A torn off nail can be a warning that you should be more careful about your health.

Dirty nails in a dream warn the dreamer that he should be alert and not to talk too much even to his closest friends, because all the information can be used against him. This plot can mean losing your good name and reputation.

Broken and neglected nails are interpreted by dreambooks as the unfavorable position of a family. Also, such a dream can lead to a feeling of shame for your relative, whose behavior will be discussed for a long time behind your back.

Sick nails seen in a dream are warning the dreamer about illness of someone from his family. The same plot can also symbolize negative emotions and quarrels in the family.

If another person’s nail got off, this is a sign that you should pay attention to your family.

If your nail fell off in a dream, this plot means you will soon get rid of relations that have lost their relevance long ago and only bring you extra trouble.

Dream about nail biting.

Biting nails in a dream promises disappointment in a person who aroused your sympathy. You should not give in to the charms of this person, otherwise you will regret about it.

Dreaming of nail biting may symbolize anxiety, stress, or tension in the dreamer's waking life. It could indicate a need to address or manage anxiety-provoking situations, emotions, or thoughts in order to achieve peace and balance.

A dream about biting one's nails may represent a tendency to self-sabotage or engage in self-destructive behaviors in the dreamer's waking life.

Dreaming of nail biting may symbolize a perceived lack of control or discipline in the dreamer's life, and a desire to regain control over certain areas or aspects of their life. It could signify a need for self-mastery, willpower, and self-discipline to overcome challenges or achieve desired outcomes.

A dream in which you paid attention to someone else's nails means envy from people whom you barely know.

Scruffy hands, with exfoliating nails, are cause for concern. This dream can mean appearance of a rival for a woman. The dream predicts business problems for men because of secret competitors.

What are the Top-5 negative meanings of dreaming about nails?

  • Rotten nails seen in a dream warn about loss of reputation.
  • Broken nails - symbolize failures in personal life.
  • Scratching someone with your fingernail - predicts the appearance of enemies.
  • Cutting nails off - means deterioration in well-being.
  • Seeing that the nails flake off means loss through your own fault.

Painting nails in a dream.

Dreaming about painting nails is a good sign that symbolizes the prosperity and well-being of a person. Besides that a dream about nail polish can be interpreted as the dreamer’s unconscious wish to get into highest society and enjoy a beautiful life. A dream about painting nails with nail polish can also be a reminder that material is not the only sphere of life; it is important to develop your spiritual sides as well.

Polished nails and their color influence the interpretation of the dream. If a young woman was wearing red nail polish in a dream, she can be expecting the temptation of passion and erotic wishes. If the plot was seen by a married woman, it represents fighting with temptation.

Red nails and well-groomed hands in a dream indicate reconciliation with family and friends, as well as good relations with your soulmate.

Black nail polish seen in a dream represents the dreamer’s negative thoughts. If you don’t get rid of bad thoughts, they can result in feeling badly or depression.

Buying nail polish in a dream predicts a great event, to which you will be invited. Besides that such plot may indicate extramoney waste and unforeseen expenses, which will almost completely empty your wallet.

To do manicure in a dream, to cut nails and remove dirt under the nails, according to the dreambooks, means willingness and desire to devote time to your family and reconcile with your husband. If a young girl was cleaning her nails, this means she will be able to acquit herself from slander spread by ill-wishers.

A dream about false nails means that all your efforts will be evaluated. False nails are also a symbol of unnaturalness and pretense.

Beautiful nails and well-groomed hands are the symbols of love and peace in the family. Seeing such a dream, a young woman can be expecting a marriage proposal; as for married women, this is a sign that lets you take a vacation and relax travelling with your husband.

Dreaming of beautiful nails may symbolize confidence and self-expression. Well-groomed and manicured nails are often associated with self-care and personal grooming.

Nails require care and maintenance, and dreaming of beautiful nails may symbolize your focus on small details and a meticulous approach to tasks or projects in your waking life.

Dream about painting toenails is a symbol of travelling. If you painted only one nail in a dream, this is a warning about problems due to interference in someone else's life.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on the nail polish color seen in a dream:
  • white nail polish - successful resolution of the conflict;
  • colorless/transparent nail polish - problems in communicating with relatives;
  • burgundy nail polish - means career growth;
  • cherry polish - increase in wages;
  • blue nail polish - unnecessary worries about the health of a relative;
  • yellow polish - means temporary separation from a loved one;
  • green nail polish - unexpected profit;
  • red nail polish - business success;
  • orange nail polish - successful completion of the working project;
  • dark-blue nail polish - employment in low-paying jobs;
  • lilac polish - means the end of the period of failures;
  • multi-colored nail polish - wages increase;
  • pink nail polish - emergence of an additional source of income;
  • light polish - means reconciliation with relatives;
  • dark nail polish - unexpected appearance of obstacles on the way to achieving the goal;
  • black nail polish - misfortune;
  • bright nail polish - happiness in your personal life.

Choosing nail polish in a dream is a symbol of unjustified money waste. Buying beautiful nail polish - predicts a fun holiday with your family.

Dreams of nails in other dreambooks.

According to the Esoteric dreambook, nails are a symbol of testing for strength and willpower on your life path. Breaking nails means choosing your own way to pass the life tests.

If a man noticed woman’s bright and original manicure, this plot is considered a warning about danger. If a woman was doing her nails herself, this is a symbol of buying new outfit and expensive items.

According to Miller, hands in bad condition, with the cracked or exfoliated nails, or nails with other irregularities, can mean shame and disgrace, which can permanently settle in your home. Dirty nails are a sign of worsening of business situation.

According to Italian dreambook, thanks to their shape nails are phallic symbol. If men see nails in a dream, this shows that they are ready for sexual adventures. The dream predicts incredible sexual experience for women.

Top-5 positive dreams about beautiful nails.

    What dreams about nails bode well?
  • Dreaming about red nails are a symbol of respect and recognition in society.
  • Pink nails in a dream promise mutual feelings.
  • Polishing your nails - means profitable cooperation.
  • Cleaning nails in a dream promises unexpected wealth.
  • If you dreamed that someone was painting their nails, this image predicts an interesting event.

According to Freud, the symbolism of nails seen in a dream is a warning about dangerous situation. According to Vanga's dream book, such a dream portends fatigue from household chores. If a woman dreams about short nails, this image means a period of troubles and losses; long nails speak of a favorable coincidence.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book, a nail in dreams speaks of bad mood. According to Loff's dreambook, seeing nails in a dream is a promise of solving an old conflict. If a man dreamed that his nail became black, he should be careful so as to avoid misfortune. If the nails sharpened in your dream, this image is a warning about public insult.

As the English dreambook states, if you dreamed that the nail fell to the floor, this plot means stagnation in business.

According to the Modern Dream Book, a dream about nails warns of the loss of a large amount of money. Dreaming of beige nails speaks of bankruptcy; purple nails - mean intrigue on the part of envious people; blue nails - mean overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal; green nails- mean getting rid of disturbing thoughts.

According to the Islamic dream book, dreaming about nails predicts victory over the enemy.

Meaning of trimming nails in a dream.

According to the dreambooks, cutting nails can symbolize a lot of accumulated tasks that you have to do in short period of time. Such plot can also mean that the person has too much worries about his image and reputation. If you were cutting someone’s nails, this dream means you will have to work hard in order to provide your family.

Clipping toenails or fingernails in a dream could simply represent a routine self-care or personal grooming activity. It may indicate that the dreamer is taking care of their physical well-being or paying attention to their personal hygiene in their waking life.

Clipping one's nails in a dream could also symbolize a need to let go or cut off something or someone in the dreamer's life. It may represent a desire to release or remove something that is no longer serving a purpose or has become burdensome. This could be related to relationships, habits, beliefs, or situations that the dreamer feels are holding them back.

Using a nail file in a dream means you will have to correct other people's mistakes. If the nails do not break during this procedure, this means you will be able to eliminate all the shortcomings quickly and easily.

Whose nails you happened to cut in a dream?

    The dreambooks give brief interpretation for the plots
  • cutting your grandmother's nails - health problems in older family members;
  • cutting nails of a pregnant woman - predicts easy childbirth;
  • to your loved one's nails - means boredom and loneliness;
  • cutting girl's nails - the emergence of an additional source of income;
  • to cut the nails of a young girl - means a temporary truce with an ill-wisher;
  • cutting your daughter's nails - difficulties in communicating with children;
  • cutting your male friend's nails - making an expensive purchase;
  • cutting your wife's nails - means changing the place of residence;
  • cutting woman's nails - means treason;
  • cutting cat's claws - meeting with a friend;
  • cutting baby's nails - means dismissal;
  • cutting your mother's nails - an unpleasant conversation with parents;
  • to cut boy's nails - predicts reconciliation with old friends;
  • if you cut man's nails - this means moving abroad;
  • a cut of your husband's nails - the emergence of an influential patron;
  • cutting off your female friend's nails - an exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • cutting the nails of the deceased - means long-term rehabilitation after an illness;
  • cutting your son's nails - means great joy;
  • cutting off your own nails in a dream - means ruin and poverty;
  • cutting your boss's nails - receiving a reprimand from him;
  • cutting your relative's nails - means opening your own business soon.

Meaning of the dream depending on how you trim your nails.

    The dreambooks provide the following meanings:
  • cutting nails with scissors - means empty chores;
  • cutting nails short - family disagreements;
  • cutting nails with a knife - means committing rash acts;
  • completely cutting off the nails - the loss of trust of a loved one;
  • cutting nails with blood - the risk of being injured in an accident.

If a man was cutting his own nails in a dream, this means he can rely on himself only. His friends and relatives will not be able to help him in the nearest future and he will have to solve all his problems alone.

If you were watching another person cutting his nailsin a dream, this means that you have to accept that you can not influence the current circumstances. You need to come to terms with your own powerlessness to influence current affairs and try to get a benefit or a lesson from this.

Cutting your own nails in a dream is a symbol that you are trying hard to arrange your feelings and thoughts.

Cutting your own toe nails is a symbol of as forced movements. This can mean changing a city or even country or unwanted work position changes. Cutting another person’s toenails symbolizes making a very hard work for minimal payment. If someone else cut his toe nails in a dream, this means you will find a person who will agree to make the most dull and routine work.

Cutting child’s nails in a dream means that you will be absorbed in household chores soon. Such a dream may also mean that the excessive pedantry and correctness of the dreamer interferes with the natural development of the child, which may in the future greatly harm him.

What are the Top-5 negative meanings of cutting nails in a dream?

  • Cutting beautiful long nails is a dream predicting trouble and sadness.
  • Cutting off rotten nails - means forced communication with a two-faced person.
  • Cutting yellow nails - warns of the emergence of bad habit.
  • Breaking one nail and cutting off the rest is a sign of insult by your partner.
  • If you dreamed that the nail fell off during cutting, this plot predicts dismissal.

Top-5 positive meanings of cut nails.

  • Cutting your nails covered with nail polish predicts a bonus.
  • Cutting sharp nails - means achieving the goal quickly.
  • Cutting white nails - reconciliation with a loved one.
  • Cutting and removing the dirt from under them - means making the right decision.
  • To dream how the baby's nails are cut means a long-awaited meeting with relatives.

Seeing long nails in a dream.

What is long nails dream meaning? Long nails seen in a dream symbolize profit. Too long nails seen in a dream predict a disastrous financial situation, and real and close friends will help you get out of it. Long nails also predict obstacles and tests that you will have to pass on your own.

Very long nails are a sign of cowardice and cruelty of the dreamer, the Dreambook of the 21st century states. If you were cutting them off, you should be ready for quarrels and misunderstandings.

According to the Moon dreambook, long nails in a dream mean deceived hopes; short ones – haste that will result in badly done work. Dirty nails mean that you do not trust your partner and will have conflicts in the family.

Seeing long nails in a dream is also a warning. Such a dream speaks of fear and false hopes that should not be cherished. Look at the situation sanely and dispassionately.

If you dream of long and beautifully trimmed nails, this means that you will find wealth and recognition in reality.

Nails that have suddenly grown long in a dream predict unexpected income.

A dream about long fingernails indicates excessive aggression when trying to protect yourself and those close to you. Your defiant behavior is reflected in demonstrative sexuality. You should try being more modest.

A dream about long toe nails means that a trip you will have soon (either for traveling or for business) will be unsuccessful. You should try to adapt to the situation.

Long, sharp nails that appear in a dream warn of the possibility of a quarrel.

According to Indian dreambook, if someone dreams that his nails are longer than usual, this means honor.

According to the Muslim dreambook, seeing long nails in a dream predicts sadness.

According to the Emperor's dreambook, long nails symbolize a state of inconvenience and limitation, stiffness in actions inside and obstacles from the outside (if the claw is stuck - the whole bird is lost - a proverb).

Seeing long nails in oneself means understanding one’s own insolvency in business and the fact that, despite all the efforts made (long nails are just an obstacle to actions), the result will be optimal.

According to the Dreambook of the 21st century, long nails with nice shape predict respect and high possibility to get inheritance. Very long nails are a sign of cruelty and cowardice, cutting them off predicts offenses and quarrels.

Long nails predict a thorny path of tests; according to dreambooks you will have to “make your way through dense thickets”. Dirty broken nails of unpleasant shape symbolize a number of problems and you will have to solve them remembering about your spotless reputation.

Removing nail polish from long nails may be a sign of ruin and poverty.

From a spiritual perspective, nails are often associated with protection, as they can be used to defend oneself or others. Long nails may also represent a person's ability to hold onto things, both physically and emotionally.

In some cultures, long nails are associated with wealth and status, as only those who do not have to engage in manual labor can afford to maintain them. alternatively, long nails may represent a sense of vanity or pride in one's appearance.

Sergii Haranenko
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