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Oasis Dream Meaning

Dreams about oasis symbolize your need to recover. If you saw an oasis in your dream it means that one of your acquaintances will ask for your help soon and you shouldn’t refuse because he has no one else to rely on. If he will get into trouble because of your refusal you will not forgive yourself. If you see yourself in the middle of oasis you will be the one who need help. A dream about oasis may also indicate your need to gather your thoughts, fill your inner resources before proceeding.

A dream about oasis may have a favorable meaning for your romantic life. It can promise restoring relations with the person with whom you had an argument a long time ago; the person himself will initiate the renewal of your relations. Besides that you may have other positive changes in your personal life - you will start getting more pleasure from sex.

Seeing a dying oasis is a negative sign saying your welfare will be broken. Clouds near oasis predict some natural disaster. According to Erotic dreabook oasis in a dream promises you a romantic adventure that will grow into long-lasting relations and maybe wedding.

Sergii Haranenko

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