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Interpretation of a dream about sex

Erotic dreams are very popular scenes among other dreams. In order to have the correct interpretation of what you saw at night, you should remember the details of the dream. Modern dreambooks have their own interpretation of the dream: if you were dominating you can expect achieving your goal in the nearest future. But if you felt tired during the dreamsex your wish will be coming true with big hardships.

Enjoying sex with your beloved person in a dream can lead to a conflict and even breaking relations. There is also an interpretation for oral dream sex. If this plot was seen by a young girl it means she is too emotional and unrestrained. Dreambooks remind that sometimes silence is gold. The same dream for a man means his views on women’s behaviour are too strict. Sex with a friend in a dream symbolizes some secret appeal. It can also just mean strong reliable friendship. Having sex with an unknown person promises you some unexpected changes.

Dreamsex with your husband can be assosiated with strong family traditions and harmony at home. Anal sex in a dream warns you from a deceit and this will come from the person you expect less of all. Seeing yourself taking part in intimate relations with the person of the same sex means you will be involved in a shady venture without your direct wish. If you see dreams about group sex this image means you are too dependant on the opinion of others and are very much afraid to remain alone.

According to Freud sex with the unknown person means putting yourself into frames and having too many taboos. You have to give yourself freedom of choice in reality and then you will stop seeing these dreams. A threesome means you have no feelings in intimate sphere is real life, you are interested in physical satisfaction only. If you were caught at sex in a dream you can expect a period of melancholy and worries.

Intimacy with your ex boyfriend usually means you still haven’t forgotten him and sometimes miss him. Sex with your ex girlfriend means the man is not satisfied with his current relations and the reason for this is that he keeps comparing his partners. Sex dream with your ex can also predict new relations upcoming. Mostly probable you are already acquainted with your new soulmate, you just have to look around.

If you had a quarrel after sex with your ex in a dream, it is better to postpone your current business plans - you will fold up. If a man was laughing during sex with his ex this can be a sign that he is not paying proper attention to what he is doing. Your work requires more from you, there is risk you make a big mistake and lose money. Passionately kissing your ex during dreamsex means your old debts will remind of themselves.

If a young girl sees sex with her boss, in real life she has to put some efforts in order to get respect from her colleagues and receive promotion.You should not be scared if you saw a sex dream with your brother or any other close relative, it has nothing to do with erotic feelings towards this person in reality. The dream is just saying you want to be close to this person, share your thoughts and ideas and trying to inherit his best qualities. Unacceptable connection is a showing of inner protest, people around you are putting too much pressure and try to make you live their way. If your brother almost raped you in a dream it can warn you about a new man in your life who will be too persistent and aggressive. For a lonely woman wild sex dream with her brother promises promotion at work.

Dreambooks often warn about obstacles and inability to move on if you see dreams about sex with your ex husband. This dream on the eve of your new wedding can make you have a better look at your new fiance, maybe it is better to postpone new marriage a little. Sex dream with ex husband can also bring conflict with your current man who will be to jealous of him.

Sex with someone you know shows you are looking for attention, you may also have feelings for this person even if you are not yet aware of it. Intimate relations with someone you don’t know can bring you some kind of adventure that will not end well. If one of the partners was not passionate at all and didn’t have much desire you should not haste in real life, especially in the sphere of romance.