One Dream Meaning

What does number one mean in dreams? Number one in your dream symbolizes new beginnings. If you saw this number in your dream this means that your venture starts the way you want it to. Besides that, number one can symbolize your contradiction with some person or a group of people.

In general numbers seen in your dream indicate that your life situation is quite undefined and this can be the reason of your worries.

Number 1 represents different meanings according to interpreters. The Wanderer’s dreambook claims that you will experience terrible loneliness; and the Esoteric dreambook, on the contrary, promises the emergence of new fantasies and ideas that will ultimately help to achieve your goals.

What is the spiritual meaning of number one in a dream? The main meanings of this number are integrity, independence, self-improvement, unity with life, progress, creativity and individuality.

The Psycho-analytical dream dictionary considers number one a phallic image, and therefore masculine, something of a man. Dreaming about number one also means insulation, dominance alone. Besides that it may symbolize unity or union. The symbol of the digit also means progress, the beginning of the path, conflict, love, earnings.

Seeing yourself running cross-country in sportswear with a bright number "1", "28", "82" and the like (when added, all numbers give the coveted 1) means that in reality you can take a leadership position if you pass a serious professional test. If you calmly run the cross to the end and come to the finish line first, this is a symbol of the streak of financial success that has begun in your life. Look at your number - if it is a unit or "10", then you should start taking decisive action literally the next day after the dream. If the number is two-digit, for example, 19, then the first digit of it indicates the month, and the second one - the date when you need to use all your talents and abilities and recruit supporters.

Sergii Haranenko
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