Numbers Dream Meaning

Interpretations of numbers by different dreambooks.

What does it mean if you dream about numbers? Numerology believes that numbers control our lives. Whether it is the date of birth, the numerical display of the name and surname - all this determines the fate. If you remember the exact number that you saw in a dream, it will be easy to find the interpretation for such dream.

According to Medea’s dreambook, bright and clearly seen numbers and digits in a dream are a good symbol. All your plans and ideas will be fulfilled with good results. But if they are vague, unintelligible, then all your efforts will go to pieces.

If you are sure that the date of your own death was revealed to you in a dream, this means you will complete a serious work on this very day.

If you happened to see numbers that played some role in your life, this image should be associated with the past events. If you consider the number that you met in a dream lucky one, you will be successful in real life and vice versa.

Women’s dreambook gives another interpretation of the plot about numbers. In the near future, you will feel anxiety for the fate of loved ones, will experience dissatisfaction with the current course of events, work will become a heavy burden for you.

If a pregnant woman happened to hear numbers in her dream, this can be a date of birth of her baby. The dreambook gives the same explanation about a wedding day for those who plan to get married.

In general, hearing a number in a dream always signifies some important event. Even if in the near future nothing new is planned by you, fate will give you a surprise soon.

The dream in which you heard some numbers warns you of something good or bad. Such a dream can predict a huge win, receiving money. The more numbers you hear in a dream, the more money you will receive in reality. Try to also remember these numbers, as they can also mean how many days, weeks, months, years an important event awaits you.

What is the dream about numbers meaning? Seeing many different numbers in a dream portends anxiety and trouble. A dream where you see a zero or zeros in a dream means that you are haunted by empty hopes and troubles. After such a dream, do not count on success in business. The more zeros you see in a dream, the longer your torment and state of uncertainty will last.

The Moon dreambook recommends remembering all the numbers that appeared in your dream. These symbols will bring you great luck. Some dreambooks advise using these numbers in gambling.

The methodical, diligent writing of numbers in a dream betrays your love for systematizing everything and everyone. Because of this you even deserve the title of a pedant, since you pay considerable attention to external forms.

If you calculated something in a dream, this suggests that in the near future you will have a real puzzle - in the form of a serious decision, making which will entail a complete change in your usual way of life. An error in calculations in a dream is a harbinger of obstacles in business due to one's own negligence.

Performing arithmetic with numbers in a dream means that you have to make an important decision. If you dream that you are making calculations using a computer, this is a sign that partners or friends will provide you with serious support. After such a dream, you can count on great success.

Erasing the numbers written with chalk on the blackboard means that you have acted unwisely relatively recently, and will soon be forced to urgently deal with the consequences of your actions.

A single digit number that appeared in a dream means that the symbolism of plot concerns you personally. If the number is a date in the calendar, you need to remember it, or better yet, write it down. This is a warning dream. On this day, an important event will happen that will turn your whole life upside down. If the number was not on the calendar, but written on paper, a wall, or somewhere else, look for a clue in numerology.

When reading a book, you see numbers in plain text - this portends a life surprise for you, but in order for it to turn out to be pleasant, you need to use your head.

Seeing how someone is writing numbers in a dream is a sign of your admiration for one of your friends, to which a certain bit of envy will be mixed.

If you dreamed of numbers made of some kind of durable material - this means that in the near future circumstances will test your life principles for strength, and your ideas will remain unshakable. If the numbers were made from fragile materials (paper, cotton wool, etc.), this means you will be forced to give up principles because of cowardice and spinelessness, and not because of the pressure of circumstances.

If you saw number 40 in your dream, you should not worry about the coming events; everything is already decided: you can expect a successful outcome of affairs, and good luck in everything that you undertake. Dreambooks interpret that now comes almost the most favorable period in a lifetime.

The number 50 in a dream is a sign of the power of persuasion and manipulation. You can easily enter into the hottest discussions, and finish them as a winner. The ability to convince and impose your point of view will grow in you every day, but do not get too carried away - you can annoy your fortune.

If you saw number 100 in a dream, the dreambooks predict full and successful completion of all your plans. Number 100 is a reflection of a full, as a hundred percent.

The number 220 seen in a dream is a bad dream symbol. Serious danger associated with the careless handling of electrical appliances awaits the dreamer. Also, beware of open fire, do not tempt fate.

Numbers from 1 to 10.

Number 1 represents different meanings according to interpreters. The Wanderer’s dreambook claims that you will experience terrible loneliness; and the Esoteric dreambook, on the contrary, promises the emergence of new fantasies and ideas that will ultimately help to achieve your goals.

Number 2 seen in a dream symbolizes duality, alternation, difference, conflict, dependence and static. This means balance, stability, opposite poles, a reflection of the dual nature of a person.

Number 2 for a businessman means an auspicious day for profit. A pair of animals, even of different species, but with the same symbolic meaning, for example, two lions or a lion and a bull (both are solar signs), means double force.

According to the Gypsy’s dreambook, number 2 represents happiness; an ideal couple.

As for number 3, some dreambooks predict a serious conversation that will bring fateful changes in future. From the point of view of esotericism, this symbol is associated with sexual intimacy. It is quite possible that you will soon meet a nice person of the opposite sex, but the passion between you will fade very fast.

Predictions about number 4 in a dream are almost always negative. You will have to work long and hard to achieve your cherished desire, but because of the explosive emotionality, the works will go down the drain - you will have to start the way all over again.

As for number 5, this image is associated with the “excellent” mark in our subconsciousness. You strive to please everyone in order to receive praise and recognition, but at the same time forget about your own interests.

A dream about number 6 is a reflection of servitude. You will have to become a “servant” for a more powerful and authoritative person for some time; but this humiliation will not last long. As a result you will get what you need.

The number 7 in a dream is considered a display of the sacred part of our soul. The dreambooks recommend relying on your intuition and not trust anyone’s words. Your sixth sense is now at the peak of its activity, you can start anything, and thanks to the "inner voice" to achieve great success.

According to another interpretation, the number seven in a dream personifies the spiritual sphere of the dreamer's life in reality. Perhaps you have begun to value the material too much recently, while paying little attention to spirituality and nobility.

Number 8 represents changes related to both your mind and body. Dream interpretation foreshadows that you will become absolutely immune to physical and moral injury.

Dreams about number 9 are associated with the cycle of pregnancy. Such plot can be considered a promise of pregnancy. For those women who are already pregnant, such dream promises delivery in the right term, after 9 months.

If you are interested to find out what other dreams predict pregnancy, you can do it here.

Number 10 seen in a dream has a negative meaning. A life line of bad luck will start; breaking out of the vicious circle of failures and punctures will be very difficult. Dream Interpretation advises not to take everything close to your heart, and endure an unfavorable period.

Numbers from 11 to 20.

Seeing number 11 in your dream predicts uncertainty of your life path. You will soon have an important question, for which you will not be able to give a definite answer. From what you decide at the crossroads of fate depends on the further course of affairs.

As a symbol of cyclicity, continuity, number 12 foreshadows complete harmony with others and with yourself. You will bring your life in order, and you will be satisfied with absolutely everything, but this state will not last long.

If a businessman sees number 13 in his dream, he will have much luck in business and this period will last for 13 months. If seen by women this sign predicts uncertainty in personal life: you will be moving from one man to another, not being able to make the right choice.

Number 14 is a very favorable sign for lonely people. You will very soon meet a nice-looking person who will have all the qualities you wish for and will become your second half.

If you happened to see number 15 in your dream, the dream interpretation reminds that there is no evil without good, and if you are incredibly unlucky now, you just need to endure a difficult period; and what seemed to be evil will turn into a lucky break.

Number 16 is the unflattering reflection of the dreamer's envious and vain soul. You are too happy about other people's disasters and failures, and in the end such a life stance can lead to grief.

The dreambooks give positive interpretation for number 17. Nothing threatens your family happiness now, your family and you are protected by a strong guardian angel; and if you do not commit bad deeds, comfort and harmony in the house will last forever.

Curious personalities need to be wary of what number 18 brings. Dream interpretation warns that if you do not cease to be greatly interested and interfere in the affairs of others, this will end badly. You will lose friends and trust.

Those who can not decide to choose a life partner should stop and think if the number 19 appeared in a dream. This is a kind of warning that your actions greatly influence the fate of those you abandoned, and it’s not a fact that all this will remain unpunished.

Seeing number 20 on any banknote is a symbol of financial problems during two years. Simply inscribed somewhere number 20, these symbols foreshadow the speedy achievement of the goal, after several easy tests.

Numbers from 21 to 31.

The number 21 is a sign of a difficult situation in business. You will have to forget about family relationships, love, feelings, and completely devote your time to work. Do not worry, those who love you will be with you till the end.

Seeing number 22 in a dream means that you will try to achieve ideal performance in everything, but it is not the fact that the efforts will lead to this result. Remember: ideality is utopia.

The number 23 in a dream predicts troubles for those whose activities are related to the sphere of trade. This may be a major shortage, and spoilage of food, and a simple lack of customers.

Omens and signs about time on clock.

If you saw the number 24 in a dream, you will experience unpleasant events that will leave an negative aftertaste in your soul for a long time in reality. Take care of your nerves and do not worry about trifles - the problems will end soon.

If a risky and adventurous person dreamed of the number 25, this means you need to temporarily tackle the game with fate, otherwise fortune will turn away from you, and you will know the pain of defeat. In addition, the dreambooks promise the emergence of financial difficulties.

For single girls, the number 26 in a dream is a warning about possible deception in reality. The dreambooks advise not trusting each admirer; hoping for a wedding you can be left with nothing.

Married people need to beware of intra-family conflicts if they saw the number 27 in a dream. The problems will come from the side of your spouse’s mother, so it would be good to restrain from communication for now.

Number 28 seen in a dream is also a warning about conflict situations. In this case conflicts and quarrels can end up with fighting. It is better to keep calm and not escalate the situation.

The number 29 in a dream is fatal for visionaries and dreamers. Seeing it makes you think about whether you do not idealize the surrounding reality too much. Fate can teach you a lesson, after which it will be impossible to look at the world through pink-colored glasses.

Number 30 in a dream attracts finances if seen by men. Now is the time to earn, start large projects. The amount of money will increase exponentially, but only under the condition of active actions on your part.

The number 31 in a dream is a sign of the final period in reality. You are already one step away from the fulfillment of your wishes, and now the main thing is not to be squandered over trifles, but to make the most difficult last spurt and enjoy the victory.

Sergii Haranenko
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