Onion Dream Meaning

Onion seen in a dream foreshadows a person's manifestation of negative emotions, such as anger, envy and powerlessness. To understand why such a picture is seen in a dream, you need to remember the dream carefully, your actions and emotions, analyze and relate what you dreamed of to real events, forming a full-fledged meaningful image.

Most dream books claim that this vegetable brings tears both in a dream and in reality, but there are some exceptions that can be recognized only after a detailed analysis of one’s dream.

According to Smurov's Dream Interpretation, to see onion in a dream means litigation, dirty trial and argument. Sometimes it foreshadows the vicissitudes of justice because of the inheritance or ignoble behavior of the dreamer, which will upset his loved ones and relatives.

Miller's Dreambook, interprets onion as a meeting of a sleeping person with anger and envy while moving towards a cherished goal. Eating onion - the enemies will retreat or lose the opportunity to harm you.

The interpretation of a dream about onion in the English dream book suggests the successful discovery of a large amount of money or jewelry. Perhaps there is one item that the dreamer had been looking for for a very long time and had already lost all hope of finding it.

The amount of onions measures how many sorrows and disappointments a person will have to experience in reality. Or it determines how much the dreamer can hate others, blaming them for all his problems. Seeing a lot of onions in a dream symbolizes the onset of an unfavorable period for the development of your activities. For men engaged in business, this time is unfavorable for expanding the enterprise, range or increasing the number of services.

Bad luck, difficulties on the path to acquiring prosperity, the fight against prejudice, squabbles with ill-wishers - that’s what a bag of onions symbolizes in a dream.

Seeing the garden beds with onions in the garden in a dream is a sign that, with his achievements and successes, the dreamer will cause a storm of indignation, anger and envy among those around him.

Most of the dream books quite clearly explain what rotten onions mean in a dream. For men, Freud predicts problems with erection, possible impotence; for women - problems in relationships with a chosen one.

Why does one dream of onion heads collected in bundles? The dream book of Vanga decodes this image as a big life change, and for people involved in agriculture - a good crop in the fields, which will bring huge profits.

Green onion seen in a dream means it’s worth working on yourself, as well as calm down your own appetites that can make a person "go over his head" in order to achieve his cherished goals. It is best to be alone for some time in nature and reevaluate values, as the presence of malice and negativity prevents career success.

To plant onions in a dream and watch how the vegetable grows is interpreted by the dream book as struggle with rivals in real life, which will give life some excitement, severity and desire to win this contest.

Why does one dream of cutting onions? The Esoteric dream book explains such a dream as a quick, bitter retribution for thoughtless and serene entertainment. It is worthwhile to think carefully before you take any actions, because the consequences will be very difficult, and the reckoning will be bitter.

If young people had a chance to cut onions and feel how their eyes hurt and tears come out, then, according to the dream book, a person will have to experience the bitterness of defeat at the hands of inveterate rivals. It is a sign of grief, tears, anxiety and failure.

To people who happened to buy onions in a dream, the dream book promises a speedy recovery of a friend from a serious illness. Selling onions means that a person will succumb to persuasion of ill-wishers, which may have negative consequences.

If you had a chance to plant onions, this means, as Smurov states, that the dreamer cannot accept losses or his own defeats, and in his heart he cherishes the hope of revenge on enemies. However, revenge will not bring reassurance, but only add bitterness and dissatisfaction, you need to look for other methods to realize your own potential.

According to the dream book, eating onions in a dream is good only for people who are overwhelmed by the disease, which predicts coming recovery, and the more you eat the plant, the better.

To fry onions, according to Miller's dream book, means serenity, making a small profit in business, a good investment, luck in gambling.

Why do you dream of sorting onions? Such a picture expresses a person’s doubts, his unwillingness to believe that close people are involved in the intrigues.

To find out why you dream of peeling onions, you need to recall this process in detail. If the eyes were watery during the peeling process, it means that a great quarrel with relatives or close friends is coming. If all went without tears, then the conflict will be avoided. Also, this picture indicates success in a difficult and stressful business.

Stealing onion in a dream is a call to action and fighting people who are trying to poison your lives or prevent you from success in work, building a career or promoting business.

Sergii Haranenko
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